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Lincoln LS miss at idle - low speed

alandfalandf Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Lincoln
I have a 2001 Lincoln LS. It has a miss or tumble at low speed idle. Otherwise, it runs great.

All suggestions welcome.


  • Sounds like you have a coil pack going bad. The packs are located on each spark plug, under the a cover on each head. A handheld scanner can pinpoint which cylinder is bad. Auto zone can scan it for you if the engine light is now on. I had one to go at 133K. It caused loafing at idle and stumbling at slight accel. Replacing the pack should correct the problem.
  • Me again-
    Thanks, but the check engine light never went on. Will a scan still show which cylinder has the bad coil?
    BTW it's a 3.9 v8
  • I have a 2001 3.9 and a couple months ago I had a miss under acceleration and a valve cover leak. The mechanic found a bad coil and $600 later it ran fine and did not leak.
    Now I've noticed an intermittent miss at idle and had a check engine light for a couple days then it went out. If it is just a coil going bad it appears to be a fairly easy fix to remove the center cover on the valve covers and replace it. In doing that is there any hidden pitfalls like bolts holding the coils leaking into the spark plug well? If oil is found in the spark plug well does the valve cover need to be repaced again? Thanks
  • I too have encountered this issue with my 2004 Lincoln LS (66K miles). About a year ago, it began running very rough, a day or two after having a lengthy period of rain (2-3 days). Noticed the idle was sluggish, no acceleration, engine light was on, etc. Brought it to the dealership and they replaced a coil. Afterwards, the car ran great, no complaints. Recently, last month the same issue began to occur again. The idle was off, sluggish acceleration, engine light was on, etc. I brought it to the same dealership and this time, three coils had to be replaced. When finished I was given a bill for a grand, which consisted of $300 for parts and 12 hours for labor. Obviously, I was not a happy camper with having to spend that amount of money, but the car runs fantastic again.
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