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Nissan Altima Hybrid Real World MPG



  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    The second time I filled up, 585 miles it took 18 gallons & filled to the brim. The gas warning light came on at about 580 miles. thus there was room at the time for about 2 gallons, assuming a 20 gallon tank. Since last fill up computer again says 35 mpg, but I suspect really getting more like 32 or 33. As with most vehicles the gas guage drops faster during second half after filling tank. Both times I was able to put on 300 miles or slightly more with gas guage still showing at least half full.

    Surprised that the warning light would come on at only 440 miles, at that point even averaging 30 mpg you should still have at least 5 gallons left in tank. You are right about the winter blend when that changes and weather warms up mileage should improve. Also as car gets broken in should improve mileage.

    Let's continue to post on this board; perhaps others will do and we all see how everyone else is doing.

  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Your point about warming temperatures and change of blend is a good one. I think when people post they should say where they live so we can know why there maybe a difference in mileage reported.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Ok, Since last update a few days ago, put on another 1000 miles. For third fill up 460 miles computer read 35 mpg, actual was 32.8. For next fill up tonight 547 miles, 17 gallons actual 32.8 again, computer read 35 mpg. Almost all highway miles since I got the vehicle less than 2 weeks ago, now have over 2100 miles so it looks like for highway driving it will get close to the 33 mpt advertised. Haven't done that much city driving to determine how much higher mileage will be. Highway speeds I usually run around 70 mph.
  • redwood2redwood2 Posts: 19
    sounds good. thanks for the posts. BTW, did you "break in" your new NAH by keeping it below a certain mph during the first 500 miles or so? Have you heard of any break in period, mph, etc?
  • gammagirlgammagirl Posts: 11
    I am on my third tank of gas. I now have passed the "break in " period of 1200 miles according to the manual. My computer estimated MPG is still low - 32. On this tank- I have driven 310 miles and it shows half full. I drive suburbs/city most of the time. Should I be concerned that there is some type of defect in my car? Should I bring this up with the dealer when I go for my first oil change? I am not an aggressive driver at all. If anything, I am the opposite. I bought the car for the advertised gas mileage. It seems that others with brand new NAH are getting better gas mileage so maybe its a problem with my car?
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I am a very conservative driver -- I try to keep the vehicle in ev mode for as long as I can when starting up (unless cars behind me) I have done mostly highway driving and determined the computer is certainly too optomistic. Last two tankfulls (actual mpg based on amount used, and I fill "to the brim" slightly less than 33 mpg. That is what is advertised in new EPA ratings, 33 highway, 35 city. I rarely will driver over 70 mpg. I know the 07's had more inflated EPA estimates (something like 37 highway 42 city? or something like that)

    I also read a lot of these message boards an I truly cannot believe some people getting 45 mpg on this vehicle, I don't care how conservatively they drive. Last time I filled the vehicle up I drove out of the gas station in ev mode, slowly up the ramp to the Mass Pike. For a while the computer read 99.9 which is the max. But, sure enough, after just a few miles it was down to 35 mpg, where it stayed pretty much for the next 500 miles of so until the next fill up.

    So far, based on the mileage I am getting looks like I could go upwards of 660 miles on one tankful, but also must be very careful not to run out. I hear that is "bad" on this hybrid.

    I will keep the board informed on mpg for this car.

    Also, and I mentioned on previous boards I purchased, now three weeks ago a NAH for my wife. Pretty much save vehicle, but without tech package. When we got the vehicle it had about 250 miles on it. Dealer supplied with full tank (probably had around 19 gallons in it, why would a dealer stand there and squeeze every last ounce of fuel in that they are not getting paid for?) Computer mileage on her vehicle reading around 31.5 after around 250 miles, so that would be a bit dissapointing if actualy were only that, except that this vehicle not "broken in" yet.

    Time will tell,, warmer weather coming, no winter fuel, etc.
  • redwood2redwood2 Posts: 19
    Have had the new '08 NAH for 1 week now and filled up the tank for the first time. Car was reading 35.2 mpg. Odometer read 521. I put in 13.66 gallons. Car had 20 miles on it when the salesman filled the tank (how many gallons does a tank hold?). So, actual mpg was 36.67? Sounds high, compared to what all of you are getting. This was highway and town driving. I only drive about 5 miles to work and the EV doesn't kick on until at least halfway there. BTW, gas in California at Costco was $3.49/gallon today. I wonder if each car's calibration is unique! ;)
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Sounds a little high, partricularly if actual gas mileage higher than the computer indicates. Keep the board posted on how you are doing in the next few months; I will do the same. Here on the MA/RI border, regular unleaded betweem $3.15 and $3.30 per gallon
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Gas tank holds 20 gallons
  • karolpl7karolpl7 Posts: 40
    OK, so after 9000 miles this is what I noticed;

    Got the '08 NAH last November and was getting between 29-32 during cold NY winter. Now that spring is here, it's between 34-35, much improvement! I do try to drive efficiently as possible highway/city, but do like to step on in now and then.

    Now, that's what the computer says. In a real word, you have two subtract 2 or 3 miles from the readout. I always take out the calculator when I fill up. So winter was around 28-29, and spring so far 32 and hopefully will go up little bit more in the summer.

    I enjoy bragging about it at work, ha ha. :P
    Enjoy the hybrid,
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Havve had NAH 5 weeks now, 4400 miles. For last two fill ups averaged 33.8 and 34.8. Both times computer indicated 2 to 2.5 mpg higher than actual. My calculations are very accurate cause I fill to brim every time.

    My biggest savings?? (other than gas) Every time I go to gas station I always purchase a $2 scratch ticket. Rarely win.. If I do, maybe lucky to get my $2 back. With the NAH I go much less often now. Really like the 20 gallon tank. Providence, RI to Albany, back to Providence, back to Albany with fuel to spare!

    My biggest complaint---the bluetooth system, although the speakers are great and I can hear the phone ring as it interrupts the radio, the people I speak to cannot understand me at all. It is almost useless!! Next time car in for oil change I will bring to their attention. Maybe a faulty mike.

    I travel a lot on NY State & if they catch you yappin on the phone with it in your ear, that can cost you.

    One other thing... Have had cars with sunroof for many years; would never consider on with out. First car I have had with wind deflector. Boy, does it cut down on the noise. You can just forget the roof is open (not good when you get home at night, forget to close it, and it rains!)

    Part of the problem with bluetooth is car is not the quietest at highway speeds. Too much background noise is picked up.
  • redwood2redwood2 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the report. I'm in N. California and weather is very mild, so on tank #2, mileage was 35mpg. I'm at 1300 miles, 4 weeks. Car readout says 35.2 currently. Morning temps around 40-45 F, daytime about 65-70 F. Did notice like someone suggested (occking?) that the car gets the engine warm first, then the passengers, then into EV. When I've got the heater on in the mornings, the EV kicks on many blocks farther on than when I don't have the heater on. LOVE MY NEW CAR!! :D
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Update.... I bought two NAH's in early March. One with convenience package & roof (for wife) and one with "everything" (pour moi)

    Wife's car has 1200 miles on it, first tankfull although computer indiicated 32.5 actual was 29. However, I am sure that was because I always fill the tank to the brim and "free tankful": from dealer they would not have squeezed every last ounce in. Second tank computer was 37 and change, actual was a little over 35.

    For my car now have 5500 miles in in about 7 weeks . Obviously, mostly highway driving and I would say the average mpg is around 34. On two long trips this week averaged 35.8 and 34 (actual) Reason for higher mpg on first trip went up to mid-Maine (from Prov RI) and took route 1 quite a bit in Maine where speed was move 40 - 50 range. Second trip this week out to Albany & back mostly highway at 65 - 70 mpg and a few mpg less. But, after I got home with a few trips in rural areas, mileage went up a bit more.

    So, no question at all, best mpg is not 65 - 70 mph but less that that, even stop and go.

    Has become a game, almost an obsession to keep the vehicle in EV mode as much as possible. My wife has been driving like a turtle lately (I think even dangerously so at times) in order to keep mpg up there. I seem to use the "push and glide" method when possible, cannot really determine if that way gives mpg or not.

    Oh well, just our two cents!
  • gammagirlgammagirl Posts: 11
    In NJ here. My MPG improved a little with the warmer weather and the change to summer mix ( although now the prices are way higher ) but they are still lower than everyone else is getting. I am getting about 32 MPG mixed driving at best. My husband drove the car alot when we took a road trip to Philadelphia and the MPG stayed the same so I don't think its my driving. I am hoping that once I get my first oil change ( and put in synthetic oil) it will improve to the stated 35MPG. My husband has an 8 cylinder SUV and switching to synthetic greatly improved his MPG. I also notice that the computer estimated MPG is 2-3 MPG higher than what I am actually getting.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    the game is pretty fun. i've been playing the EV game for a year and still enjoy keeping it in EV. I even know the places where I can usually stay in EV for a while during my commute
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    I think that the car comes with synthetic oil from the factory. once you learn how to take advantage of the hybrid system a little more, you can get to 35 and above. I was at 37 MPG before the winter, now I'm at 34 overall, luckily it's summer again
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    I am getting 39 to 40 mpg and it still seems to be climbing. That is double what I was getting with my old Subaru Wagon. I am a happy camper of which we are going camping this weekend in the NAH.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Two months and two days, and I now have hit 7500 miles on my NAH. Tell you one thing, I really wanted to see how far I could go on one tankful, without running out. Got a littler nervous in the Mass Pike waiting to get back into MA where gas a little less expensive than NY.

    Traveled 665 miles between fill ups and put in 19.3 gallons, that's about 34.5 mpg (both fill ups to the brim so that is a fairly accurate calculation) For the previous few trips, mpg has climbed from 33ish to more like 35. Record so far is 35.8. If I do a lot of highway driving probably getting about what is advertised, 33 mpg. It is the off highway miles that increase the mpg a bit, which can bring my average up a few mpg.

    However, like with every other car I have had for past several years, the trip computer is optomistic by about 2 mpg on average. I really don't understand why they cannot be more accurate.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    do you live in MA? I usually see 1 other NAH on the pike when I commute to work, that one is a blue hybrid that has a vanity plate. I'm the dark slate NAH with the red sox plate
  • cephraimcephraim Posts: 31
    Just took the plunge and bought an 08 NAH, fully loaded. Metallic Jade with Blonde leather. Can't wait to pick it up!

    In my old car, I did many things to improve efficiency, including switching the air filter to a K&N filter, and switching to synthetic oil.

    Has anybody tried either of these on the NAH?

  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    I have the same identical car. I have used synthetic and notice a different. use the 0w-20 recommended. Watch you dealer if you have him do oil changes. Many don't carry the recommended and substitute. I will be interested in the answers you receive on the air filter.
  • cephraimcephraim Posts: 31
    Can you quantify the difference with the synthetic 0W-20 vs. the regular 0W-20?
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    From what I understand, the 0w-20 only comes in synthetic. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    i believe you're correct. a non-synthetic 0w20 would probably break down too easily so you need synthetic
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I live in Seekonk but travel quite a bit. Three trips back & forth this week along out to Albany, NY area. Mine is the light grey. Now 10 weeks and one day have about 8700 miles. Pretty consisent on gas mileage, actual between 33 and 35, computer between 35 and 37.
  • markjacqmarkjacq Posts: 9
    So we've owned our car for 5 weeks now too. We are on our second tank and live in the Norcal Bay Area.
    1st full tank we got 36 true mpg and electronic gauge said 39. So that sounds about what everyone else is doing-- take about 2-3mpg off what the electronic gauge says for true mpg.
    One question though, when our gas gauge and light went on and electronic gauges said only a few miles left on this tank, my wife filled up.. However the tank only took 16 gallons? That means there were still 4 gallons left.. At our mpg, that would have been another 140miles! Does everyones light go on so early??
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Yes it does. But when you fill your tank do you just fill it until it automatically shuts off? it can hold a bit more gas then that and you don't have a full tank of 20 gallons at that point.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    wow, that's a lot of driving!!!! it's definitely worth it for you to have the hybrid
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    My light goes on & it will say about 50 miles to go. Like I said before I pushed it once after "no mileage left" indicated & put in19.3 gallons. Usually after first automatic shut off at gas pump, you can always put in another gallon at least. When your light first went on, if you filled it right away, up to the brim, you probably would have put in at least 17 gallons. When that happened to me a few weeks ago, I went another 10 miles or so after light went on and squeezed 18 gallons in the tank.
  • Hi, everyone. I bought the NAH a few days ago after doing research here. The dealership filled up the tank before giving it to me. I've driven less than 200 miles so far. (The car had 100 miles on it when I bought it.) But my electronic mpg average is pathetic. It's slowly climbed from 14 to 18 mpg since I bought it. Is this because the car is so new or is my unit defective? When will I start seeing the 35mpg that most of you see?

    Thanks for your help!
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