Ranger Plow?

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Anyone use a Ford Ranger to plow snow? I'm looking into plows for the Ranger, not having a whole lot of luck.

I've got a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4X4. Automatic Transmission with 6 Cylinder engine.

Can anyone suggest a plow that might be light enough to not kill the truck, but big enough to do some work. Thanks.


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    Yeah, at the place i work we have a 1996 ranger, with a plow, its a 4x4 LT, its got i wanna say a six or seven foot blade, likely the smallest plow they make for pickups. We also have two GMC sonoma's with 4x4, and then some larger full size trucks. The GMC's have 7 foot blades, and are used primarily for sidewalks. From personal experience the compact trucks aren't very good for larger areas, or heavy snow, they are okay for light duty work. The suspension on all the smaller trucks is shot, and they are not aging well. We also put salters on the back of every truck. So the ranger will suppport a small plow, but the truck doesn't have the same kind of power as a full size and doesn't work well for doing things like parking lots. Back to the original question all of our plows are Western, the GMC's have larger ones than does the ranger. Our Dakota has a full size plow, and the frame bottoms out. I'd recomend a fiber glass plow, the weight reduction would do wonders for the life of the truck though they are more delicate than, a standard plow, haven't worked with one before though, hope that helps.
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    There is a sight just for plowing. Might be more informative for your situation.
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