Coolant leak under intake manifold 93 LTC

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I have a 93 LTC that is leaking coolant in the engine valley. It looks like there is a hose under there that may be leaking or it may be the intake manifold. Anyone come across this problem before? I have seached the forums but have not found anything. I have searched the internet, have not found anything.


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    I found out what it was. I was able to see between the alternator and the intake, a hose comming out of the back of the water pump was leaking. I had to remove the intake to get to it. Now the nipple comming out of the back of the water pump is very rusted, not much left to get a hose on. :cry:
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    i have same problem. but is with a 97 ford econoline van.. very hard to take intake off any suggestion would be great
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    I had to have this hose replaced. The manuals say to remove the intake manifold which is very costly to have done at a shop. This is the hose coming from the water pump and running to the heater with a crimped connection near the back of the engine underneath the manifold where it connects to a metal tube underneath the manifold running to the heater and the point where mine leaked. After I had the job done a mechanic on this site, I believe, said he runs a second hose underneath the manifold bypassing this metal tube and hooking up to the heater in a different way without removing the manifold. This was a couple years ago and at the time it made sense to me. My concern would be having the hose resting on the block. The metal tube setup keeps the hose elevated above the block. I don't know if the hose could take the heat but worth a try.
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    Did you get this problem fixed?
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