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My 98 Durango V-8 failed emmissions test with only
35K. High NOx but low CO and HCO. Dealer wants to
do $1,000 + in maintenance everyting from tune-up
to AT and front and rear differential fluid change
before addressing the problem. (Get this -- 49.95
for tire rotation) Question: what usually causes
this high NOx condition. I would like to fix the
problem myself, get a free retest at the dealer and
then look elsewhere for honest 30K maintenance
quote. Also are warranty covered items possibly


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    the dodge should have a 3/36 warranty so yours should still be covered. I think that an emission problem is covered for 50K. I would call chrysler and find out or try another dealer.
    good luck
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    If I'm not mistaken, federal law requires a longer warranty on emission equipment, more like 5yrs/50K miles. Check the warranty portion of the owners manual. $49.95 is way out of line for rotation, unless it includes a computer wheel balance. Even then it's still to much. What does the owners manual say about changing the differential fluids, if anything?
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    The emiisions stuff is covered by DC at least until 50K,and I think it's actually more like 100K now,I might be wrong,but I know it's 50k for sure.I had a 86 Iroc Camaro that was 4 years old,it was out of regular warranty,but only had about 10K in miles.I got a check engine light,and the gas milage was horrible.I took it in to the dealer,they put a whole box of stuff in,including a new computer,and it cost me.....NOTHING!
    Before anything,run a can of injector cleaner through it,it can't hurt,maybe you have a little leak in an injector.Then,I would do a tuneup (yourself if possible).Change the plugs and wires if they have ANY "pencil marks" on them where they cross over each other,or touch metal.I don't remember if your motor has a distrbutor.If it does,change the cap and rotor,and coil wire,if there is one.
    You might TRY,before testing again:
    Take it out on the highway,drive it in 3rd gear(no OD)for an hour or so at 2500 or so rpm.When I was doing smog tests in Vegas,a LOT of cars would pass after you drove the hell out of them.We didn't test then for NoX,just CO and HC.There are so many ways to make a car pass them,you wouldn't believe it.I guess I'm too tired right now,but I can't remember what the NOX is reduced/controlled by.I think it was timing,but that doesn't apply to you...
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    The emmissions is covered for 100K per Federal Law.

    Why would you allow a dealer to quote you work which isnt related at all to emmisions.

    At 30K miles you may need plugs, tranny fluid and filter change, diff fluid change, PCV valve, coolant change.

    You should rotate the tires every 5K with the goodyear AT's if you dont want road noise. Do yourself a favor and order a FSM and do the maintenance yourself. Also use synhtetics, Amsoil and redline are the best.

    Go to the Durango owners club at to get more useful info than Edmunds. Most people here (IMHO) dont know much about maintenance and spend more time bashing each other and domestic brands than any thing else.
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    I have a 99 Durango that is once again sitting in my driveway awaiting a tow truck. Unfortunately, now the warranty is up and this tow is on me and not Chrysler. Problems started when it was 2 days old and have continued....problems aren't with the service people servicing it....they're with the quality that it hasn't had since it left the manufacturing plant. Anyone know how to make Chrysler accountable and atleast buy it back for what I owe on the darn thing?
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    NOX are produced by high engine cylinder temps/ pressures. basicly one is burning Nitrogen gas. You could try to usinga higher otane fuel, as it gives off slightly less energy per unit and burns slower. Another possible solution would be to use some combustion chamber cleaner to remove some arbon build up which as a result would reduce the compression ratio. Its a trade off though what gives low CO and hydrocarbon tends to raise NOX
    PSC2 suggestion should also work well
  • My first american CAR - giving me tooooo much problem....

    I have 2000 Dodge Durango, bought early this year. After a month or less, I already had a problem.

    First: there is a rattling sound on the back. They change the luggage rack, they assume that, that was the problem, but its not. After hearing it again. I brought it back to the dealer (They said they order some parts and its been a month now...the parts was the spring in back(that's what they said))

    Second: Engine wont start after using it for maybe a mile or two (maybe when the engine is hot) I have to play with the gear shift or put it in "N" before It start. (any body know why?..coz the dealer cant figure the problem)

    Third: The Cruise control died, and they recently change the new wiring...they said it got burnt.

    now I think my window on driver side is acting up...please help....I need some advice..

  • Since the 98 Durango, which I have, they (Dealer) has changed almost everything out and it's going back in next week for the same reason. I would think by now Dodge would have a fix for it, but apparently not. I bought the extended warranty for the sole reason of my power windows. But it's been documented enough that after the warr. runs out they better fix it each time.
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    That questions and technical advice web site...

    I have also looked for a good Dodge web site to ask questions and technical advice, opinions, etc. The best site I have found is This site is clearly the best in quality, with over 60,000 posts! Good luck either way Trevor!
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