Ford Explorer Radio iPod Aux Problems

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I have a 99 Ford Explorer, and recently let it sit outside for 3 months in a rainy climate when I was on vacation. The battery was dead, so I replaced it. It started up just fine, but within a few minutes the radio digital display became garbled, the radio started turning on and off, and the tape player started clicking. This clicking goes on for several minutes. When it stops, I can turn the radio off. But it will soon come back on again. Even after I park the car and turn the key off, it will come back on. I disconnect the battery when I stop now, but would like to find a way to fix this.


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    Hope someone can help. Looking to buy an '05 or 06 later this year and trying to figure out whether there is any way to connect without using an FM transmitter. There does not appear to be an AUX input or cassette player on either vehicle. Thanks.
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    hey unfortn u have pickd up condensation in the actual head unit im from florida an its a typical problem i see with customers pretty much you most likely need to pick up a new one salvage usually isnt to bad or there may be a radio shop in youre town that may be able to trace the short an replace the necesary parts for cheap good luck !!
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    theres always a way when theres peripheral electronics the piece you need is located on this webpage youll need to call youre local stereo shops an find one thats a aamp of america dealer as well i know there is a ipod interface that plugs into the factory head unit cd changer /aux output located in the back of the head unit , if you have this option this is the way to go, because when you hit the skip track button on the radio itl skip to the next song on ure ipod but heres the link to the general ipod interface d%20Solutions&strSearch=
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    :sick: I have been fighting this for a couple of weeks i have a 95 xlt 4.0 an the engine is having issues lol but its throwing no codes it sputters at times when started as well i had a feeling it was the mas air flow so i tested it , of course it was bad i replaced it an now it starts great most of the time except now itl idle up an then drop down to 500 rpm then back up to 2k then back down ive tested the idle air control its good just replaced plugs an wires my firing order is good as well we tryied scanning it a while back an our snap on oscil. scope /scanner wouldnt interface w/ the pcm so we didnt know if it was bad but didnt know if any one has had similar problems or advice an as well we have searched thouroughly for a vacum leak an no luck
    thanx ......
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    I have an 07 Explorer with the fold flat third row seating. Two questions: Do you see any problem with installing the speaker box on top of the folded down third row seats? Also where would you suggest I ground the amp from that position. There does not seem to be a a good ground spot within 3 feet of that position?
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    the speakers cut out when the passenger rear door is closed. sometimes just ome,sometimes more than one.the speaker in the rear passenger door never cut out.
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    My '97 did the same thing. Turned out the speaker wire connection at the amp in the rear was loose. The amp is located in the rear cargo area, passenger side, right at the rear wheel. You will carefully have to loosen the plastic trim panel on the passenger side to get to it. I basically just unplugged the connector and then plugged it back in and the problem was resolved. Hope this helps.
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