Nissan Pathfinder Fishtails while not Applying Gas

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i find my self driving down the road and when i let go of the gas or if i apply gas while vehicle is in motion the car fish tales from the back and i hear a noise like a bang from the bottom rear of the vehicle. does anyone have the same problem or has had it and know what im talking about?


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    Are you driving on ice? Engine drag comes into play when you release the gas pedal and that may cause some slipping on a slick surface.

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    This can be VERY DANGEROUS. DO NOT drive the vehicle. The fishtailing you describe indicates that the rear end linkage assembly may be about to fail. If this occurs while driving, the entire rear end will swing out from behind you, causing the vehicle to immediately turn sideways and roll over and over. At highway speeds or in traffic you will become a statistic. Inspect the linkage assemblies described below for damage and/or get it towed.

    The rear end assembly of the Pathfinder is held in alignment by two struts that are attached to the frame below the posts between the doors. These struts are called LOWER REAR LINKS. They are TUBES. If you bend a tube back and forth, the metal suffers fatigue damage and the tube will break. Once a tube is dented, (such as by impact with road debris), this bending starts. By the time you detect the fishtailing, it is about ready to go.
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    YIKES- I had a simulat issue a few years ago, with my 97 SE. I would feel it "sway" while coasting around very light turns, and it only got worse. Mine needed new rear shocks, and the main rear center-rubber "bearing".....good luck, staty safe.
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    does this happen when in 4 wheel automatic
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    This is exactly the solution to your problem, Get it fixed right away The upper and lower rear link bushings need replacing. Ask to have just the bushings replaced. There are 8 in total. The bushings probably just need replacing not the whole link. Much cheaper that way
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    Switch in 2WD. 4WD light lit. Screen blank. Truck drives in 4WD. After a few blocks it goes into 2WD and indicator is back-lit showing 2WD.
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    If your going into the low low 4 wheel settings its only for pulling out tree stumps, :confuse: but if your into the automatic 4 wheel drive it should stay there and not go back into 2 wheel drive.
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    Selector switch in 2WD mode. 4WD warning light is on. I drive at 30 MPH for a few minutes and problem clears. Truck now drives in 2WD mode and 4WD light is off. I have a Service CD that does not contain the Trouble Dianosis for a 3 way selector switch. The 4 way switch includes "AUTO" mode. Anybody got the diagnosis sequence for a 3 way selector switch.
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    if you can spray some wd 40 around the switchi t may help :P
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