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Dodge Ram Exhaust/Smoke Questions

rbeasleyrbeasley Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Dodge
I have a 4.7 V8 2007 RAM 1500 with 6K miles.
There is a puff of blue smoke at a cold startup for about the first 20-30 seconds. Oil changed twice once at 3000 and at 5900 miles by the dealer. No need to ask the dealer because everything is normal to them. Wonder if this normal or is the oil seals leaking? Only one other vehicle I had did this and it was 99 F150 4.6. I also have a 05 CARAVAN 3.3 that does not puff blue smoke even after sitting 4 or 5 days nor did the 05 Chevy Colorado I had.


  • I bought this thing new and it has had nothing but problems. Luckily I purchased the 100k warranty BUT, the catalytic converter has been replaced FIVE times, the last time lasting less then 3,000 miles! Dodge was "unable" to figure out why it went bad THREE times in 100,000 miles and they could care less once the warranty ran out. Has anyone else had these issues and be able to find and correct the problem? It's also had several auto transmission replacements and of course, the nasty paint peeling issue with Chrystler could care less about.
  • I have a 02 dodge ram1500 V6 and I would like to put a set of true duals on it(ie remove the cat and run duals from the manifolds back.I would maintain the o2 sensor in the passenger side head pipe.Would this setup affect the engine control module? Thanks
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I think it will, which is why most aftermarket dual systems start at the catalytic converter. However, I would seek a second opinion from one of the aftermarket companies. They might have a solution.

  • Thanks Dusty.I've talked to two People so far and they don't think it would affect the operation of the computer.Maybe the reason the aftermarket guys start at the cat is it's aganst the law to remove the cat.I would like to find someone to sell me the parts,I'll take care of the rest.Thanks again,Norm
  • Hey Dusty I just recently put dual Exhaust on my 94 Ram, I had the cat removed and had 2 1/4 exhaust with turbo mufflers installed, My trucks exhaust now makes a slapping noise I call it when accelerating, Ive heard a few other trucks sound the same. Do you have any idea what causes this and what can be done to give it that throaty sound instead of the slapping sound? By the way its a 5.2 2x4 auto truck. Thanks a bunch for any info!
  • 1hotpro1hotpro Posts: 3
    True duals .......hmmmmm bad thing for Dodge trucks.....I've heard many and welll never really liked the sound. Most have a choppy or clapping sound, this comes from lack of backpressure. Adding an H somewhere in the exhaust should help a bit.
    I have a 94 Ram 1500 and all I had done to it was gutting the cat, adding a 2 chamber flowmaster and ran duals out from there turned down behind the rear axles. Honestly the best sounding Ram I've ever heard truely rumbles...often asked if I had a mustang 5.0 converted or engine work done to it
  • my buddy wants me to do his exhaust on a 98 dodge ram with the 318. it doesnt have the cat on it and he doesnt want one?? but jus wantin to know what would make it sound good? i havnt done alot of dodge exhausts so im not sure what makes em sound good or not. let me know somethin thanx
  • shachoshacho Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    I recently acquired a Dodge Ram 1500, 2002 and discovered it had a leaking water pump. Changed out the water pump, thermostat and service radiator as required. Started engine and excessive white smoke continues to come out of exhaust pipe. Prior to changing the mentioned components, I started the truck a couple of times to verify leaking pump and there was no smoke at all. Your thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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