Dead Battery, car and cell phone

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Just replaced the battery in our 03 and tested alternator. Everything was great. Installed Sirius in the vehicle and used up front cigarette plug in and it kills the battery. I have a truck and have no problems leaving my Sirius on. Also used back plug in and killed the battery and blew up a cell phone battery and charger. Any ideas??


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    When you say "killed the battery," what exactly does that mean? I assume you mean the battery became drained but was it over a period of minutes? Hours? Days?

    It sounds to me like the Sirius installation was not done properly and possibly something got shorted out.

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    As Tidester asked, how long was it plugged in without vehicle being started, and was cell phone charger plugged in at the same time? There are other things that are hot even when vehicle is off and it may be to much for battery.
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    A matter of a day or so. It is plugged into the cigarette lighter adapter. It was not "installed" so to say. It has the plug for power and the antenna. Nothing was done with the battery during installation. The battery is brand new and all terminals are tight. The back cigarette plug pulls too much power (how is burnt up a cell phone battery while charging). Also there is no reason the sirius radio should pull enough power to kill a battery. I have a pick-up and my sirius is installed exactly the same and have no problems with it pulling power.
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    Well at least the front plug is hot all the time, so it is draing the battery if plugged in. If the call phone charger was plugged in also and hot connection , that would add to it. I think if the voltage from battery got low enough, it could cook the charger. Is the battery you got a reasonably good one (reserve power and all that) or was it a less exspensive one that might falter sooner with constant load?
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