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When the Acura Integra was new, I had all the windows tinted professionally. With the vehicle being almost 14 yrs old, I had to remove the tint from the vehicle. Removing it from the back window, must have pulled some of the defroster lines off. Is there any way to fix this?


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    Both of these are long shots but we have to ask. My daughter acquired a 92 RL 4 cylinder auto trans from an uncle last year.
    1. Water is leaking onto the passanger side floor. A new windshield was put in before she bought it. The cabin has been pressurized to find the leak location without results. I have found that running water at the very base of the right corner of the windshield results in the water in the cabin. From under the dash the water is running off the heater box. Any idea as to what I should look for when I get the black plastic cover off the base of the windshield/engine compartment?
    2. An Acura dealer thourghly checked the car over before we received the car and recommended what they called a major tune up which was done. Now twice (21 days apart) at the end of her work day the car would crank over fine but would not start. Either no fuel or no stark but which? On both occasions letting it sit for a couple of hours "fixed" the problem until the next time.

    I did say these were long shots but if anyone has a suggestion or two would be appreciated.
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    Item 2 sounds like you have what is called a "petrol station relay". The main relay, located under the dash controls the fuel pump. Go to Acura Integra Engine Questions and click on the link at message #15 and wander around the site. Does your engine fail to start according to these conditions? Usually it will fail to start on a hot day with the windows closed or after you have shut it off for a few minutes and then tried to restart it. Unfortunately I cannot help with item 1
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    item two is the fuel ingection relay located on driver side under dash its screwed in with flasher relay its brown thats why your car wont start when its hot out, take it out and take in house buy ac or in your car ac till you feel its cold then plug it back in and i bet you it starts, as for the leak i dont know that won yet i have it to thats my next job
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    i have a 90 integra with right floor board filling up with water after a rain. found the problem,under the cowl grille(
    have to remove wiper arms to take it off) there is another
    plastic cover secured by black plastic clips.on my car the
    clips had fallen apart from time and weather. and water was
    going thru the clip holes and pouring right down in the blower
    motor case,which in turn ruined(rusted out} the blower motor.
    tried to get correct clips from dealer, never did,used store
    bought push in plastic clips and sealed around them with clear silicone, this fixed the problem. had to replace blower motor.
    it wont come out of case with blower wheel attached,will post later how i managed to replace blower motor without
    tearing the whole evaporator and dash out of the car.
    hope this info helps??
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    thank that whats happening to me great info
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    i need both door panels and the motors for the electric windows .i also need a steering column,the assembaly for the moonroof control,the back panels where the speakers mount. i also need all the badges for the car, all of these parts were stripped from my car when it was stolen.

    i have a 1995 - Acura - Integra LS Special Edition.

    any help on locating these parts would be appreciated!
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    Try this locator service and please give us some feedback on your experience with them:
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    We bought a '08 Acura. At about 4 monts old we started to have issues with the seats.

    The front leather seats started to wear/tear abnormally. This has occurred on both front seats. On the side upper panel closest to the door.

    I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this??

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    Are they tearing at the seams?
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    I have a a 2001 acura integra and i have noticed that i have been getting water in the inside of my car. the problem seems to be in the hatch area since my trunk carpet is completely soaked, and now the carpet in the back seats and front seats are starting to get wet as well. I do see some standing water where the spare tire seats but cant seem to notice where the leak is coming from. Today i had condensation on the inside of the back glass and some on the front windshield. i checked the seal around the hatch and dont see and tears or rips. the only thing getting wet is my carpet, not the hatch cover. i dont see water stains on any of the rear plastic moldings so i have no clue wat it can be. Please help
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    Was it raining? or i did you wash your car? Did you make sure everything was shut properly?

    Only thing I can think of is the rubber lining going bad. Rain or water usually runs down the channels in the hatch area if coming from outside so it doesn't get in. Are the side window seals all OK? Any seals around the doors going bad and leaking? Tough to say without being able to look it over. Do you have a moon roof? Is it shut and sealed properly when closed? IThe only thing you can do is look for the source of the leak.
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    My mothers was doing the same thing and this is what I did to fix it...

    Open the trunk, standing against car, looking down at the black big plastic piece, but on the end towards you around the front edge there are square black holes...I put electrical tape on all the holes and now no water gets in. Might or might not fix your problem, but thought I'd let you know what I did. Kind of hard to explain, but hopefully you got what I was trying to explain.
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    VickyIt, Please describe again or post a pic.
    I have the same problem ... there is a lot of water where my spare sits, and it's coming from somewhere inside the truck but I can' tell.
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    Me too.... You can buy a defroster paint and fill in where you think the lines got nicked. This is good only if little sections on the line were damaged.

    It's a pain though since it's hard to tell where the nicks are. I damaged 85%+ of the defroster lines when I had to remove bubbling tint. I managed to fix 3-4 lines using the paint.

    Is there a painless way to remove the tint? I need to remove the tint on my driver's side window since it's beginning to peel.
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