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I have a 2003 GMC Safari, I use a Fram 3387A oil filter which seems short and hard to reach with a filter wrench. I am wondering if I can use the Fram 3980 filter. The only difference I can see is that it is a couple inches longer. The gasket and diameter is the same. This would really help to get the filter on and off.


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    I've wondered about this too for a different reason. I would like to get away from that 4.5 quarts, and be able to put in an even five each time. I wrote Fram with this question but they just issued the standard line, 'Use OEM's recommendations."
    I'm thinking there's some folks out there racing a 4.3 in some form and are using a different filter to get more oil in th engine.
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    I found this on: http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/t605193.html

    Re: Amount of oil in a 3.8 (1997 PA)


    I have the 1996 PA with basically the same exact engine, 3.8 L. If I use the recommedned filter for it, the Fram PH3387A (Which I would NOT recommend), or any of the other compatible 3387A oil filters, I would put in 4.5 quarts to be exact where it needs to be. I don't think one pint exta in there is in jeporday of any problems, as it has been done on countless thousands of vehicles over the years.

    I don't ues the 3387A filter series though, I use the longer filter known as the 3980 and it's equivalent. Mobil 1 makes a great filter as does K&N but I would not put a Fram on my old beater pickup. I'd rather use, and they are not bad either, the Wal-Mart brand of oil filter. Again, I use the longer filter, the 3980 and it's equivalent. It has the same central threads, same oil gasket and is in all respects the same, except for the length. THEN, I can use 5 quarts and it comes up exact.
    I don't use Mobil1 synthetic oil as I feel Amsoil is better. http://www.oilsandlube.com/they_say_...rforms_mob.htm

    Mobil1 makes a very good oil, but I prefer others, but would use Mobil1 any day over any conventional Dino oil.
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    Well now, I am glad to hear this. I have a 2003 Safari Van and also a 1997 Van. The 97 uses a fram 3980 and the 2003 uses the 3387. My main concern for using the longer filter is that it is easier to take off. My filter wrench has very little room to get the short filter off and then the filter tends to collapse making it that much more difficult to get off. I know that I must me putting too much muscle on the filter when I put a new one on. I guess I will start using the longer filter in the 03.
    Thanks flintlockdave
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