Ford Edge Wrench & Engine Service Lights

johnnyhollistejohnnyholliste Member Posts: 16
after 5700 miles & 120 days of loving my Edge, I got a malfunction, I was at a stop light & light turned green, & gave it gas, I loss power & engine/tranny wined.. I got it up to 30 miles per hour & it seemed ok but every time I started from a stop it did the same thing, like low gear was not engaged & went to 3rd or so it was ok.. I was in San Francisco for Xmas & the weekend before I was in Lake Tahoe enjoying the snow, all with no problems, anyway I was only 5miles away from the Ford Dealership, so I drop it off.. They gave me a Rental of course & would call me today.. Lets see how Ford handles it.. Anybody with this experience or inputs, come on in...My rental is a PT Cruiser, what a piece of crap...


  • johnnyhollistejohnnyholliste Member Posts: 16
    Things do Malfunction, especially with all the Electronics today, I just got my Edge back from the dealership, they replaced Trans Speed Sensor & Turbine Sensors (All under Warranty), dropped it off on 27th 3pm & really thought it would not be ready till new year with holidays & UPS Delivery backup, (Friday, Saturaday & Monday= they received the parts & 1/2 day to install them), Got my Edge on New years Eve @5PM. Love my Edge, I guess the sensors would fall under power train warranty..Experience with the Dealership was very Positive & will rate them High.. Happy New Year..
    P.S. I confirmed that this would fall under power train Warranty 5yrs & 60K miles..
    Anybody have this problem?????
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    My ford edge with 9k miles was smelling like exhaust inside the car. Ford found and fixed a rear axle seal. This took about 2 weeks because of the holidays and another part being defective and in short supply. The car still has this sporadic smell of exhaust or burning inside and outside the car. One time, smoke was coming in through the vent.

    My ford dealer said to bring it back when it is making the same smell again. The problem is that it is sporadic and of short duration. Any suggestions? Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    My dealer does not have a loaner available unless they know what the problem is.
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    I am reading more about this every day. Seems to be a problem with the seals in the transmission. Please check the posts in, go under Edge Forums then TSB's Maintenance section -scroll down and you will see what I mean. I hope they get a handle on this problem. Dont wait to get it fixed.
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    Thank you for referral to Nice to know that I'm not crazy. The problems are very similar and I expect not a coincidence. Will follow-up with my Dealer more informed.
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    Thx.. I had the similar problem with my 2007 edge couple of months back where the wrench light came on and used to lose all power. I would stop and start after a few minutes and everything would get back to normal. This happened a couple of times, so I decided to take it to the dealer. They reported a speed sensors malfunction in the trans... unfrotunately, this is not under warranty from a mileage standpoint (115K kms) but less than 5 years, so ford is picking up 50% of the cost.
    Did you ever face any more problems after getting this issue fixed with your edge? Honestly, I love my edge too... One last ques: how many miles/kms do you normally get on a tank (mix of hwy and city)? was there any improvement after getting this fixed?
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    Who did you contact to get the 50% off. My car is 4 years old and I am at 90K and I am having the same problem today.
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    The dealer has to request assistance from Ford. It's called an AWA - After Warranty Adjustment.
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