ford ranger engine reliabilty

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hey i have a 1998 ford ranger with 138,000 miles on it and the guy who owned it before only drove it to work and has never been beat on like floored or did a burnout. it was only driven to and from work. the guy who owned it before me was my uncle and took really good care of it. but its my first truck and i like to show off sometimes u know like when people are passing u and u speed up or when u pull out of some were u do a burnout a little. can i blow my engine just messing around a little or blow my tranny doing that just wondering any answers would help very good truck and it runs amazing but i cant let my engine or tranny drop out on me so thats y i am wondering the truck has been servised like normal oil changed EVERY 3,000 miles never missed a tune up or service. if the engine is not use to it and i do it can i brake something expensive thanks, sorry for the long post. just have a lot of questions and no one to answer them so i thought id give this a try thanks


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    i would not abuse a truck that's going to be 10 years old in a couple of days. Especially one with 138K miles on it. I do understand the urge to floor it once in awhile as I use to do the same with my 1991 Nissan Hardbody with 150K miles on it. Age and mileage means a lot of worn parts on the truck that may go out at anytime. Abusing it usually means those parts will fail faster. Your truck is probably worth $2500 making most large repairs not worth it unless you do it yourself.
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    hay those trucks are brakeproof just hammer down do whatever you want never a problem with a ranger feel good have lots of fun its' just money go for it you're uncle want to see you having a good time in a truck he took so good care of and gave you a great deal on so get after it
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    at 138000 miles if its an automatic and you start rattin around in it you will be rebuilding the tranny last one I built cost the guy $1800.00 so yeah its up to you and your wallet and if you want to get your uncle the guy said yeah you just go after it
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    My son had a 93 ranger with 175,000 when he bought it. It had always been maintained and was in good shape. He drove the crap out of it but still changed oil and kept up with doing any repairs it needed. At 260,000 he was going off highway and something went wrong and he rolled it. They pushed it up on its wheels after about 20 minutes of it hanging upside down and it started on the first hit. Of course he shut it down right away but Rangers are tough. Don't abuse it too bad and she will last along time.
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    I have a 1990 ranger with over 350,000 on the trans&rearend 2.3L engine at 155.000
    miles I had it rebuild around $1300 I do about 500 miles a mouth with runs good and strong I maintain it all the time. Im the only driver/owner of the ranger. they last long when taken care of I have alot of mods on it. it is a 5speed 17"rims
    so give it some gas once in awhile.
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    i have 1984 ford ranger 2.3ltr one barrel carb:it sat off and on for at least two years i recently started driving it again it was running great then one morning i started it it started smoking sputtering and still till this day i havent figured it out!!i replaced the carb,plugs,wires,cap,rotor,thought it was stuck valve so i took head off.found the reason for the plug to be oil fouled it was a valve guide!didnt see any stuck valve took vales out check them!put it all back together and its running the same just isnt burnig oil!but it is still smoking and going threw alot of gas can u help?thankyou gary mcgarran!
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    Could someone tell me if the 2000 Ford Ranger with a 3.0L V-6 has a timing belt or a timing chain?
  • toy60toy60 Member Posts: 1
    i think all of the v6 have timming chains- not belts
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    My son was driving his ranger at about 50 MPH when it just quit and left him at the side of the road. I checked the fuse box relays under the hood and none were (fuel) blown. Now the truck won't start. The truck has the large V6 engine with about 140,000 miles (2 wheel drive). Could this be a timing chain or crankshaft sensor?
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    I had same issue with 1988 ranger; do a search on google to see how to replace your fuel pressure regulator;

    my fuel pressure regulator was passing gas to engine through the vaccum hose;

    1. to check run the truck for approx 5 minutes 2. turn truck off 3. unplug the vaccum line from the back of the fuel pressure regulator and wait about five minutes and you will see gasoline if the diaphram in the fuel regulator has failed; note: please put some paper around the regulator to catch the fuel
    hope this helps,
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