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Infiniti G35x Sport

paul97paul97 Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in INFINITI
The sport model has just started to appear on the Infiniti lot in town. I am curious if anyone has taken ownership of one yet. I have a silver one on order, not due until the end of January. Do you have any first impressions? I have read much talk about the disappointing audio system....any comments?


  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    They started to arrive a week before Xmas. In the NYC area, there are 6 silver ones with the packages I was looking for (Prem/Nav/Spt). The dealer had secured one for me last night, but my wife decided to drop the NAV pkg. So, they have to search through the inventory again to see who has it with just Premium & Sport with Graphite interior. They said it should take less than a week. I wish the G35x Sport included bigger brakes. I wouldn't mind paying extra for it. I don't think the bumper makes a whole lot of difference, nor the paddle shifters. But, I'll take them.

    Good luck! I can't wait to get mine. I've got a business trips coming up in January that I plan to use break-in the engine. Don't rev too high and vary the RPMs.
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    I took delivery of mine last week, Blue Slate with all packages plus rear wing. So far I love it. I am coming from a 2002 BMW M3, and this car may not be quite as fast or harsh, but it is MUCH nicer for under $40k too. I love the interior, seats are great, stereo I think is very good and I love the Music Box, performance is outstanding, really feels fast and sounds solid too. Overall I am very happy with it for $38k+ taxes. I was also looking at the BMW 335xi, but that came out to $51k+ taxes with the NAV. For $13k less I will take the G35 and $13k in gas.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    We just picked up our black on black X-Sport on the 12th. Paid a little under $500 over invoice. Nav/Tech/Prem/spoiler.

    The G35 is a very fast vehicle, the sport does tighten up the ride to our liking and is not harsh in the least, along with the sport seats up front we feel this option is worth it. I don't think we would have purchased a G without this option being available.

    The rest of the options features or cosmetic with the front and rear slightly altered (I'd have to see a non-sport next to it to tell the differences though), aluminum peddles, and the paddle shifters I prefer over the column, but are more of a gimmick IMHO. I do also like the 18" wheels over the standard 17s.

    As far as the radio, it's fine for my wife and I. What complaints have you heard? She has some minor complaints about the radio reception and how the 18 presets are set up. We have yet to test the hard drive. The Ipod interface is nice and we've used this although scrolling through all the songs/artists could be simplified if there was an alpha sort type feature.

  • paul97paul97 Posts: 5
    Thanks very much for your silver one is on order and due within a few weeks. I opted to not have the nav. because I like my Garmin so much; so I think that's partly responsible for my wait time. All of the ones on our Columbus OH lot have the nav. installed. I share your opinions regarding the sport upgrades too - I think it's well worth the extra $1100 or so; especially for the 18" wheels.

    As far as the radio is concerned, many others on different threads have complained about the quality. I have driven an 'O4 TL for a few yrs, and although the DVD audio is amazing, the XM, radio, and CD formats are just OK. I guess different people have varying expectations regarding what they want to hear in their car!

    I can't wait to get mine. I'm glad to hear you've had a good experience with yours so far. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here.

  • Talk to me about the switch from the 2002 M3 to the G35xS. I am also contemplating the same and wondered about your experience so far. Overall feel, stereo difference with H&K, quality?
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    Well, so far I really do like the G35x. I thought I would miss the M3 but do not. The G35x really is a quick car, not quite as flat out fast as the M3, but very close and much smoother. I haven't really pushed the G too hard yet though since it is still brand new (500 miles) so can't really tell you about pure handling, braking, etc..but the feel is very very good.

    I love the interior. Seats are great, very supportive with the same side/hip bolsters that the M3 had. Interior overall much much nicer and far more technology. Yes, it is a lot newer though which would be expected, but even compared to the 335i it is much nicer. NAV is very nice, also the Bose system with the Music Box hard drive is pretty sweet. Takes a few mins to copy a CD to the hard drive though, but over time you can put all you have on there and be able to search through easily. I also like that you can preset AM/FM/XM on the presets in any combination you want. Sound is much better than the HK from the M3 too, never really thought it was any good and worth the extra $.

    I found the sticker on the M3 too, $55k 6 years ago. The G came out to $37,800. Almost $20k less, well worth it.
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,307
    anyone have pixs of the new g35x sport-- would really like to see what the wheels look like...
  • I beleive the GSxS wheels are the same as the regular sport wheels. Several pictures over at G35driver.
  • max929max929 Posts: 16
    Just placed an order for a G35xS
    Black / Stone
    Prem, Nav, Sport, Tech, Spash, Net!
    Cant wait. Was hedging between this and the 6MT. Think I made the right choice for Ohio. :D

    As for the wheels.... just saw one at the dealer and they definitely are like those in the above pic... the 7 spoke, split variety... with equal size (rotatable!) tires.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Sorry, but it was necessary to delete a picture that was too wide for the margins. If you are going to display a picture, please be sure that it fits within the text area. If it is larger, it distorts the page to the point where all messages on the page accompanying the picture are unreadable.

    You can ensure this by adding height and width paramenters to your image display (e.g., height="312" width="444"), or you can post it on your CarSpace page and use the automatically generated text to do it for you.

    Or you can just post a link to it instead of displaying it.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    You picture deleting meanie! :P
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Yup, that would be moi! :shades:
  • paul97paul97 Posts: 5
    When I placed the order for my car a month ago, I was told by the dealer and someone at Infiniti that the wheels would be the ones that are shown on the bottom right of the next-to-last page of the hard copy brochure. It shows a 7 spoke split wheel, but definitely different than the one that we've all seen on the sport model. I decided that I wanted the car either way, so it wasn't that big of a deal...they are both very nice. Mine is to be delivered in 2 weeks, and I can't wait!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I know that wait.... it's absolutely horrible. (LOL)
    Hang in there... the wait is SO worth it!
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    OK here are the wheels, smaller pic this time.

  • paul97paul97 Posts: 5
    Thanks for posting that picture...your car looks beautiful! I especially like the absence of the front bumper license plate!
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    One more from the back.

  • baumerbaumer Posts: 1
    I'm in central Ohio and am also debating between Sport 6MT and the X. Will be buying in the spring. Where was yours purchased? Are you happy with the dealership/deal? Congrats max929!!
  • max929max929 Posts: 16
    Well, its not acutally 'purchased' yet, its just on order. I went to Infiniti of Columbus by Sawmill and 270. No actual deal yet, but I am a VPP customer so I know I will be happy with the final price and will be able to take advantage of any incentives that are in place when it comes in... sometime around the first of May.
    They currently have one on the lot almost exactly like I ordered, but since my current lease ends in May I thought Id plan ahead order exactly what I wanted so no compromises.

    I had a G35 Coupe 6MT previously so the 6MT sedan was tempting, but the AWD Sport model works best for the family etc!

    Good luck,
  • Nice look from the back! I notice there's no snow on the ground! I live in Columbus, OH and thought the 35x Sport would be the perfect car for me. We don't get a lot of snow, but when we do, it practically shuts down the major roads. I get mine 2 weeks from tomorrow, and I'm actually hoping to get some decent snowfall so I can test the stock all-weather tires.
    Thanks again for posting your pictures!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The all-seasons may be okay in the beginning, but I found them to be less than satisfactory once I had a few thousand miles on them.
    In the warm dry weather, they're actually very good... better than I expected.
    In the cold weather though... they're hockey pucks and start to slip and slide, even on wet roads.

    Even with an X model, I opted for a set of Blizzaks on dedicated wheels ($800 from Tire Rack) and now this car is an absolute tank in the snow.

    You may get by with all-seasons in the beginning, but if you intend on driving this is harsh snow/winter conditions, consider snow tires.
  • Just picked up a 2008 G35xS - black on black, prem, nav, sprt, tech. Like another poster above, coming out of a BMW M3. So far so good, way too much to read - need a pilots license.
  • jspagna1jspagna1 Posts: 34
    Ok sorry for being out of the loop, but the G35xS is a new model? Does it have the AWD & it's still comes in an automatic? Why doesn't it come up on the Infiniti site so you can build one? I know, all these questions. Well here is another one.
    I know that you could only order an S model if you wanted white with the black interior. Can you now order this color combo with the xS model?
    By the way I was at the Infiniti dealer this weekend and I did see a G35 with a different front facia and now I understand why, it was probably this new G35xS model. Very nice I might add.
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    The S sport option is an option to the G35X model and becomes a G35xS. It was a late year available option to the 2008 all wheel drive models. It is not a separate model per se, but becomes one by selecting a G35X base model and then adding the Sport package. The same limitations on sport selections apply (no wood trim, etc.) all of which can be checked on the web site vehicle configuration tools.
  • oz44oz44 Posts: 15
    Ok guy's, I already made a deal to lease a G35X in 2 weeks but my dealer came back yesterday offering me an X Sport that he just received on the lot for $900 more on to my sale price. Decent deal since the invoice option is $948.

    I didn't think about getting the X sport b/c my commute is about an 1hr to and from work everyday. Crazy DC traffic!!! With that said is there anyone out there that has this same situation with long commutes? What are your opinions? I'm going to test drive it when I go in but I really won't get the full effect of how it will be day in and day out.

    Thanks for your opinions
  • max929max929 Posts: 16
    I'd say go for it. Although the one I ordered hasn't arrived yet, IMHO, the seats seemed much more comfotable and would probably be worth it from that angle alone.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    IMHO, the seats seemed much more comfortable and would probably be worth it from that angle alone.

    Go and check it out yourself.
    For every person who likes the sport seats, there's another who hates them.
    You have to be the right shape to fit into the sport seat comfortably. Some have even had to go as far as having a shop remove the metal plates from the adjustable sections to add to the comfort level.

    If you're of an average size, you'll most likely like them.
    If you have a large and/or muscular frame, they may not be right for you.

    You're doing the right thing by checking it out yourself. Just do yourself the favor of spending a little time in the seats before deciding.
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    The sport ride will be basically the same as the basic X you were buying - there is no suspension upgrades that I am aware of with that package. The major differences are cosmetic and the addition of sport seats, which are no where near as restrictive as many other sport seats and quite adjustable. The 18" wheels and all season tires will not effect the ride that much, but increase the look. Hope you are getting Nav (with traffic) - it will make D.C. beltway driving more sane. Go for it - for the price you will get a subtly better looking car with better wheels, tires, and what I think is a very comfortable seat.
  • oz44oz44 Posts: 15
    Thanks for the quick replies!!!! I will have to go in for myself like I said but I do like to hear other people's opinions so I can make own. I didn't realize the suspension wasn't stiffer. That may make my decision a little easier to going with the sport.

    Oh, by the way, I'll have Nav,Prem & Tech for sure.

    Can someone confirm the suspension on the X sport is the same as the X.
  • jebelljebell Posts: 54
    Why not ask the dealer to alllow you to have the car over night? I did this and the dealer allowed me to pick up the car Saturday at closing and return it Monday morning. This allowed me to have a good test drive and night driving too.
  • oz44oz44 Posts: 15
    Good idea, didn't think of that. It won't hurt to ask.

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Sport package on the G35x includes:

    • Solid-magnesium paddle shifters mounted on steering column
    • Split 7-spoke 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with V-rated summer all-season performance tires
    • Unique front fascia and side sills
    • Front sport seats with thigh extension and driver's power torso and thigh support
    • Unique sport steering wheel stitching
    • Aluminum pedals

    There are no suspension upgrades on the G35xS.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 273
    Not to change the subject but is sport package on Journey any different, especially the suspension?
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    Seems to be much confusion on the suspension differences between models, if any. The Infiniti literature does not seem to specify a difference in suspension for any of the sport models over the base. Some drivers swear that there is a ride difference between base and sport models, but I guess that could also be due to the lower profile wheels and tires.
  • bmajikbmajik Posts: 14
    There is not an upgrade from the base to sport suspensions however, the sport suspension is tuned differently on the sport.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 273
    So basically there is no way to get an auto tranny and with sport suspension. I believe in 2007 it was possible.
  • shov8shov8 Posts: 87
    Just get the G35S 5AT or G35xS 5AT. The "sport package" includes all the items the 6MT model has, minus the manual transmission. No where on the Infiniti spec or pricing sheet, even for the 6MT model, does it mention suspension changes. All of the items listed as additional on the 6MT are included in the (non-AWD) Sport package (minus the manual transmission and hand-pull parking brake). The G35x Sport package adds everything except for the tires being different and doesn't include the limited slip differential. I believe the all Sport package models (6MT, G35S, G35xS) have adjusted suspensions, but it isn't officially documented AFAIK.

  • loudog2loudog2 Posts: 83
    I just drove the sport. My butt and legs cannot fit in the seat. I'm 6'3'' 230lbs and workout a lot. The dealer told me about half the men that look at the G35 don't get the sport pakg because of the tight sport seats.

    I'm looking at the G35x w/premium, nav and wheel tire pkg. I'm giving up the side sills, paddleshifters. But at least its more cmfortable. I don't know why you can't get the side sills w/o the sport pkg. It used to be an option on the I35's
  • plinaplina Posts: 61
    I'm picking up my G35X Sport next Saturday I'm coming down from an M35X, but I fell in love with the sport. Wish they did the same thing with the M.
    Question guys I have seen in Ebay performance chips sold for around 20 dollars that state big increases in horse power, torque and gas mileage. Does anyone know anything about this?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Stay away from those... far away. They're complete crap.
    The G is tuned by Infiniti and they got every last drop out of this engine. No $20 chip is gonna improve it to the point they're claiming.
    You want more zip, you're looking for a nice FI exhaust with HFC's and maybe a CAI.

    Those chips are a joke.
  • shawn22shawn22 Posts: 6
    Ive narrowed down my search to 2 and will be test driving both the 335xi and G35xS this weekend and making my decision..

    Price difference aside (Which is about 10K). Has anyone had a chance to drive both and can you give some quick comparo's between the two? - Thanks!
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    Although I have not driven a recent 335, I have owned and driven BMW's for the last 20 years. I recently purchased a 2008 G35xS and can give you a few things that will be apparent between the two brands.

    The most significant difference is driving feel and size. The BMW 3 series is a rare car in its balance and its ability to feel like a smaller car. It's connection to the road and driver are a rare find and it appears to have no limits when pushed hard. The engine also has a smoothness which at times seem more appropriate in a Lexus, yet it's band of power makes it easily obvious it is not high end Toyota.

    That being said, the G35 offers many other attributes that are missing or not as well executed on the BMW. It feels like a larger car when driving it, yet does not suffer performance wise. The engine while not as smooth, is happy being driven casually or aggressively.

    Aside from the driving part, the cars differ in how they treat the driver. Infiniti has done a great job of adding electronics that work well and do not require adaption, as the BMW can do. The fit and finish is similar is quality, although the BMW does seem to go the extra 2% in how parts fit together and the materials used. I find the G35 interior a much better place to spend time however.

    In the end, you need to drive both and make a list of what is important to you, both feature wise and status and economic wise. In my list, the G35 won out and provides one of the best values for a performance sedan matched with high end service quality and reliability.
  • plinaplina Posts: 61
    I just picked up my G35x Sport and I love it, I'm coming down from an M35X and this G makes me feel like a school kid.
    That said I rate this car a 8.5 out of 10. Now this is what I would do to make this car perfect. First if this car would have 20 more pounds of torque it would be a monster, second I cannot believe that this car does not have a tire pressure monitor, I'm so used to one with my last two M's 2003 M45 and 2006 M35X now I will have to go out and check the tires every week this is New York world capital of potholes. Third I hate the positioning of the CD changer I lose a lot of room in my trunk, last I wish I could rip my CD into the hard drive in a minute I hate to have to play the whole CD to record it on the hard drive, It's going to be murder filling up the 9.3 gigs.
    Well guys let me know what you think and before I forget:

    G35X Sport
    Platinum Graphite
    Premium package
    Sport package
    Mud Guards
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    The G35 does have a tire pressure monitor and will warn when any tire is under pressure. It will not however tell which tire or what each tire's exact pressure is. But it does at least monitor and warn.

    I agree on the overkill and oddly-placed CD player in the trunk and the ripping capability is less than optimal (unless you own a car with NO ripping capability).
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I'm about to turn your 8.5 into a 9.6 ;)

    For approx 1K, you can install a "Fast Intentions" exhaust with high flow cats and you're looking at the increase in torque that you are after, plus a wicked pissa sound.
    I plan on doing this, and may toss in a dual intake as well. :blush:

    Our G does have a tire pressure sensing system, it just doesn't display the exact pressure of each tire. It will, however, display an icon if one or more tires starts to run low. It's not the best it can be, but it's something. (-0.2)

    The CD changer position is a little silly. They should have popped it further into a corner, under a seat or in the console. The burning of CDs however is not that bad. By the time the forth track starts to play, the entire CD is done. I can rip 6-7 on each commute to work and 6-7 on the way home. It fills up fast... invest in an iPod! (-0.2)

    Enjoy the new G.
    Platinum Graphite was my second choice... perrrrty!
  • plinaplina Posts: 61
    Can you tell me where I can find this? I haven't had the chance to read the whole manual.
    And yes overkill is good, hope that when I turn this one in in two years the car will have a 7 speed transmision and more torque, and hopefully we can get better gas mileage. Here in New York premium gas is $3.63 it killed me with the M35X and it will keep killing me with this new G. But I still love my Infinitis
  • kobayashikobayashi Posts: 50
    It is in the manual (look under tire pressure in the index, sections 2-14,5-3, & 6-2) and will display a warning icon on the main dash display in the event any tire is below threshold. There is not much other to it.

    As to the gas issue, I agree it is one downside in that the mileage is not great.
  • plinaplina Posts: 61
    Thanks for the iformation. ONe more question why do you think Infiniti didn't put fog lamps in the G?
  • adamr001adamr001 Posts: 95
    My 07 has fog lamps. On canadian models they're probably the daytime running lights and are always on. However, on mine, they won't turn on without the headlights on though which makes them rather them useless IMO.

    Just to the right of the normal headlight settings knob is another ring that turns the foglights on and off.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The G has foglamps, but they're located right next to the headlamps and only operate when the headlamps are on.
    Retarded design. :cry:
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