Buick Enclave Sunroof Question

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We are considering buying a Buick Enclave with sunroof. We live in South Florida. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they find that the car heats up more when sitting in the sun due to the type of sunroof vs. a solid roof line. Thanks!


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    The answer to your sun roof question is No. There is no additional heating problem. In addition all you need to do is close the sun shades. The sun roof is great. I live in Texas and we get a lot of sun.
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    Thank you for your help. Have you heard anything about 2nd and 3rd row passengers getting motion sickness from the sunroof? Sounds a little wierd, but there was one write up on one of these Edmunds forum about it.
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    No on the motion sickness issue. We have had had a lot of different people in the back including our dog.
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    Okay I know the rear roof doesn't open up but that the sunshade opens electrically with the front sunroof button. My question is: Can you open and close the rear shade for roof without opening up the front sunroof ie: independantly from the front sunroof or is it open the front sunroof is the only way to open the rear shade. Thanks in advance.
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    There are two separate switches. One opens the front sunroof and the other opens the rear shade. The operate independent from each other. As an aside, the shade for the front sunroof is manual, not powered.
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