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My husband purchased a 2004 pontiac grand am. It came with no owners manual. He does not know how to work the cruise control.
Does anyone know where I can find information on how to work it?


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    It is on the steering wheel get up to speed (over 40 mph) turn it on
    (button on bottom of steering wheel) then push the set button
    ( next to the on button)
    I just had a drunk hit me and rold me over 3x and totled it out
    it was a 04 grand am
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    Thank you
    There is no button on the bottom of his steering wheel. He said what he needs is a diaghram of how the 2004 pontiac's work. I have searched the entire web and come up empty.
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    Sorry but it may not have cruise control.
    on the 04 grand am it was on the bottom of the steering wheel.
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    The shaft coming from the steering wheel shows he has cruise control. He has even gotten it to work but does not know how he did it.
    But we went out and looked again after you said this and there is nothing UNDER the steering wheel.
    any idea where I can find a book on this car?
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    Is it on the turn signel arm ??
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    Yes :-)
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    I've never heard of a Grand Am with cruise control other than on the steering wheel. I had a 99 with it that way and I now have an 04 which is the same.
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    OK there is a small slide button on it push it to the center that turns
    it on then on the end of the arm is a button that is the set and decl
    button the on button is the accel button
    I hope this help's let me know
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    My husband said to tell you thank you very much! This worked and now he understands. :-)
    Great job!
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    Glade I was able to help have fun
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    remove and install cruise control function switch on 2004 Grand Am. Can you safely remove the steering wheel cover to access the two mounting screws on the switch? The rest seems like one plug in. Any help would be appreciated.
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    2004 pontiac gran am. I hit the cruise control buttons on the bottom of the steering wheel with my hand and the cruise control buttons and casing came apart. I was able to put it all back together and reattach it back to the steering colunm but now when I push down the on/off button it doesn't stay locked down for the cruise control to stay on.I know that it is getting connected because I can see the light go on the button when I hold the on/off button down.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    My cruise control stopped working is the fuse gone and if so were is it?? The light comes on that shows its working

    Thanks Moe
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    If the light comes on then it's most likely not the fuse. It could be any number of things, the control switches, throttle control solenoid, etc.
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    I need help getting the steering wheel cover off, will it blow up in my face or can you just pull it off, I need to take it off to change the cruse control switch. Charlie
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    Cruise control isn't working it appears that there isn't power running to the fuse that controls the cruise, the fuse that lights it up is fine...any ideas
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    my 04 grand am came to me rebuilt as a rebuilt wreck from an auction.

    thankfully the only problem i've encountered is that the cruise control doesn't work at all... (i found the middle button cover under the driver's seat 3 weeks later)

    the cruise assembly lights up with the interior/dash lights that function with the headlamp switch and dimmer control. but the real problem is that the ON/OFF button does NOT stay held in when depressed. and the LED in the on/off switch never lights up..

    anyone know which fuse powers cruise control or have any other advice at all.
    is the ON/OFF switch a mechanical switch which should hold each change of state reguardless of the presence of voltage (like if a fuse were blown)

    i'm trying to figure out if i need a new switch in addition to a fuse. hopefully i won't need some of the expensive parts.
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    Had the same problem. It is the switch. you need to replace it with a new one. I had the dealer do it and it cost around $125 for labor and parts.
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    How to remove the steering wheel cover from a 2004 pontiac grand am.
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