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2004 Dodge Stratus Camshaft Position

geri24geri24 Posts: 3
I have a 2004 Dodge Stratus with a 2.4 DOHC motor and the check engine is on and when I read it It says Camshaft Position sensor A bank 1 CKT Intermittent I have replaced the Camshaft Sensor and Now the light wont go off If u push donw on the gas the car acts like its not getting any gas and jerks and then goes and does that every so often and once u get over 65 mph it wont go at all and I cant reset the computer at all now can u help


  • i had the same prob. disconnect battery for 10 minutes, this will reset the computer. You can try this. if it doesnt work then check your EGR vaulve. Or the throtle positioning sensor. some times it takes the computer a while to relearn itself. hope this helps..........
  • i disscounted the battery but that didnt work but i will try the other thank u so much
  • disconnecting the battery should have turned the light off . before buying a EGR vaulve disconnect the vaccum line and plug it off. if the car runs better just leave it disconected.u dont need it any way.its just for polution control.but the light will stay on... if it doesnt work put your foot on the brake,car in drive,and give it some gas . if it dies out then u will know that it is the Throtle positioning sensor.if none of this cures your problem its posible that they gave u the wrong camshaft sensor.... u can also check your fuel filter but this might be in the gas tank...
  • misrpiggymisrpiggy Posts: 2
    Hi, did you ever find out a solution to this problem? I've replaced my sensor twice, and with no results so I put the old one back on, after slightly wiping off the end of the cam and it seemed to help for a bit but I am having the problems again.. any help will help. thank you
  • deerawzdeerawz Posts: 1
    Have a problem with my 97 dodge stratus cutting off when stop at a light...changed the camshaft sensor.....and it still dose it.. any ideas on what else could do that.
  • geri24geri24 Posts: 3
    A little while later my timing chain broke and when we fix that it stop doing the other so I guess it was the timing
  • 2004 dodge stratus 2.4L
    identify part please
    gear that holds the timing belt, while replacing timing belt my son broke some teeth off this gear. I assume it's the upper cam gear, is this correct? need to identify to purchase replacement.
    please advise
  • vairman3vairman3 Posts: 1
    I replaced belt now car is hard starting , and when it starts runs ruff will rev upto about 1500 rpm.after few minuets smooth out somewhat,the crank & cams time marks were lined up.It acts like flooded at first. After run little while it starts to over heat, exhaust manifolds turn cherry red.Can timing be off 180 deg?this is an interference engine.also had to replace tensioner
  • so at least i'm not the only one. i had the cam sensor replaced on the vehicle not 48 hours later it was doing the same thing. i did the whole unhook the battery and left it off over night. shut the engine light off but not soon after it continued. i don't want another garage to tell me my cam sensor is bad and if its as simple as unplugging something or whipping something off i'm game! any other recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  • hnn1hnn1 Posts: 1
    After months with same problem finally I could pinpoint this problem!!!!, in some way cable harness become damaged with a very sharp corner of fuel rail on one of the cables of camshaft positions sensor, I'd remove all tape from harness on this corner (Just where the sensor cables go in to the harness) I check for damage and found one of the cables punctured, so when engine vibation was severe groundind occurs and computer goes into safe mode... solution... I protect this corner wit a plastic cover to prevent future damages and put some tape on damaged cable... computer and car working perfect rigth now and gas MPG goes from 17 to 21.. good luck, hope this help you on solve this issue
  • When I went in to O'Reilly's auto parts and bought a new cam shaft position sensor for my 02 Dodge Stratus 2.7L The gentlemen informed me I needed to stop back in and have him reset my computer so that it'd register that the sensor was replaced. It seems like a lot of people posting here are having the same issue, I think you guys should find a auto store that does free engine diagnostic on check engine lights because that diagostic reader can reset your computer, too.
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