CLK 350 v BMW 328i v Infiniti G37

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Considering these three cars...any comments would be appreciated. I realize the CLK is ~$15K more there value to warrant the additional price? Thanks...


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    I have a 2006 CLK 350. I am very pleased with it, I drove the other 2 you list (Infiniti G35 coupe) and found the CLK to be the best all around driver as I commute daily. It is very comfortable, though the CLK may not carve up the turns like the other 2 ( it does a decent job) but I felt it excelled in driving comfort over NJ crap roads. I do a lot of highway driving and prefer comfort plus I get up to 27mpg going nicley above 65mph

    It is indeed more $$$ to buy but if you lease you might be pleasantly surprised, MB has awesome lease deals on the CLKs from time to time...just ask.
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    I love the car first of all but test drive the g37 in an auto with 18's vs the overly sporty 19's. I just leased mine with no money down for 460 tax in per month.

    I love this car!!
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