whats the difference?

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i am looking into buying an 08 impreza wrx, but i noticed the horsepower difference between the wrx and the sti is 80 hp. whats the diffence that nakjes the same motor make more power? anyone know? i am more interested in buying the wrx...esspecially if i can make it make that kind of horsepower easy


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    It's not really the same motor any more. I think they did use the STI block for the first year or two of the 2.5T, at least that was the case with the Forester XT.

    Basically, you get a lot more boost and forged pistons to handle the boost, a semi-closed deck block, a much stronger 6 speed manual, and a stronger clutch, and I'm sure much more.
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    ECU, Injectors, Fuel Pump, Turbo, Intercooler, Intake manifold, and that's just on the power side.

    It's not as simple as a manual boost controller and a Turbo-back exhaust to get from a WRX to an STi.

    And I also suggest if anyone is going to push a WRX to STi levels, you'd also want the STi suspension, tire width, brembo brakes, transmission, rear diffy, etc. etc. or you run a safety risk.

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    ok....then i'll just look at the wrx. 225hp is nothing to sneeze at...but i know i will be doing upgrades and i'd like to know where the threshold is on the car 1st...if i can.
    with upgrades, whqat can the wrx push out safely?
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    Depends on what mods you do. I know of ones putting out 500+ whp but that is with heavy internal and external modifications.

    The weak link will be your transmission and internals of the engine IMO.

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    Yeah, with that manual tranny I would not go much beyond 250hp, to be honest.

    The automatics are actually a little more robust, and can handle more.
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