2008 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS Engine Noise

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Recently purchased an 2008 Outlander, and so far have put 143 km on it. A great vehicle to say the least. So I noticed an engine noise after pulling into my garage. You have to turn off the radio, and air vents to hear it. It's hard to describe, but if you have ever used a kitchen timer that winds up, it would sound like that when it is counting down, a slight ticking noise.

When standing outside the vehicle sounds somewhat like a disel engine, or a tractor. Not as loud, but definitely noticable. This is the first time I have owned an SUV. I'm more use to cars such as the Toyota Corolla, or Nissan Altima where after starting the engine, you don't even know the engine is on.

The noise is apparent during acceleration also. However, I noticed that there is no noise there when the engine is started cold. Just wanted to know if any owners out there notice a slight engine noise?


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    There have been others that have mentioned this, search the Outlander forums to see what they did, but I think the dealer said it was normal engine noise.

    I can hear a slight tick on mine, but I figure it's just the injectors or whatever so I don't worry about it. At least we have 10 years of warranty if something major were to develop.

    I had a Ford Ranger 4x4 that ticked loudly since I bought it new-the dealer said it was the fuel injectors, and I had no engine problems in the 13 years I owned it.
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    The V6 Outlander has a SOHC engine(Single overhead cam). Majority of V6 engines have the DOHC. It appears that this feature may differentiate the noise. The Toyota RAV4 has a V6 engine and according to some member of this forum no noise at all.

    I have a SC300 V6 and sometimes I have the problem of start the engine when the engine already is on.

    There is not scape with the Outlander the 2.4L 4cyl comes with CVT engine but this is also noisy while accelerating.

    I know that the old Honda Pilot has also a SOHC engine but I don't know if it is noisy or not.
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    Just tested the 4 cylinder and noticed a ticking noise at idle when I lifted the hood. Told it was normal, its the valve train, over head valves- cam shaft etc. If at some point when you want to resell privately you may not have any buyers as they might think the ticking is a problem-defect as I thought it was...
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    I bought a 2008 Outlander 3 months ago, I started to notice the same noise you were talking about especially in the cold.
    Then 2 days ago I was driving home (6 hour drive) and after a few hours of driving my engine light started flashing and I pulled over right away. When I stopped the vehicle and popped the hood there was oil ALL OVER EVERYTHING it looks like its a gasket that blew and sprayed oil all over the engine including the alternator and has wrecked everything!!
    We were in the middle of nowhere and had to wait 3 hours in -33 degrees in the truck.
    I had even had it at the dealership 4 days before this happened.
    So if you notice the noise take it into the dealership and make sure you ALWAYS carry and roadside assistants pack :(
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    Uhh, can you get back to us and tell what the problem actually was? I don't understand from your post why you think this had anything to do with the engine noise. It sounds more like what would happen if somebody left the oil filler cap off and drove around for awhile. Please let us know if it was indeed a gasket.
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    It turns out that the PCV valve blew, he had asked me why I was driving it in the cold because that cause the valve to constrict and blow he also told me that the engine noise is common when it gets cold out!
    The person in the first blog mentioned that the noise was more apparent in the cold.
    Just trying to warn people that maybe this isnt the best vehicle when in cold temperatures ie (-33).
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    PCV valve - interesting. -33 is pretty extreme. For my 08 Outlander (U.S. market) I think the owners manual says something about the transmission not functioning below -31 until it warms up a bit.

    Thanks for getting back with the update.
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    I test drive the outloander 2009 around the block. The engine sound noisier on acceleration compare to Hyundai Santa Fe.

    Does anyone notice the noise? I am referring to normal engine noise.
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    You comparing 4 cyl. to 4 or V6 to V6? I've driven both cars and I think the Sante Fe is a little quieter overall. The Outlander V6 is not a noisy engine, I've never driven a 4 cyl. model.
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