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99 Chevy Suburban lurch

tclarketclarke Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
I have a 99 2500 4x4 that lurches every now and then at highway speed. It usually happens in the middle of a steep incline or after it has reached the top of the hill. I'm not sure if it is in the engine or possibly the transmission. Other than that the vehicle runs great.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
  • Thanks for the response, however, this post appears to address cylinder deactivation. My problem is with a 99 suburban with a 5.7 engine. Any additional help is appriciated
  • jonny77jonny77 Posts: 6
    my 96 had a similar problem. The camshaft retard was out -16 degrees. My GM mechanic also a friend, used a DTC tool that also has datastream capabilites to measure the cam retard. He corrected my problem in about 45 minutes. Does it put off any codes? Particularly a P1345 code? if so, this is more than likely the problem.....
  • Is it a right-left lurch or a forward-backward lurch? Our 1999 K1500 Suburban was jerking to the right at highway speeds recently, a new development from an earlier variable steering authority in slow speed turns problem. I found out both problems were being caused by a failing "steering wheel speed" sensor. I replaced the sensor, which is located at the bottom of the steering column, just up from a knuckle, and both problems were fixed.
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