93 Villager front end knock

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Hi, I have a 93 Villager which is making a very noticeable clunking noise on both sides of the front end when it hits any kind of bump.

I inherited the car with 127K on it, the front struts were original and were shot, I don't know how long they were driven on like that, but I imagine the rest of the front suspension took a beating being driven with those bad struts in there.

I figured I would start there and put the struts in. I looked around at everything else while I was doing the struts and found nothing else loose that could be making the noise. The control arms were tight as was the stabilzer.

The new struts helped slighlty, since the suspension doesn't flex as much now, but not really all that much and it is still clunking pretty bad, and also has a creaking/scraping type of sound on bigger bumps and dips, not anything bottoming out, just the suspension making noise.

I can only assume the bushings are shot on everything, but would that make things knock/creak around?

I have seen this problem posted on other boards for Quest/Villagers, but have never seen any answers on it, is this common for early Quests/Villagers?

Could this be the ball joints making noise?

I have also noticed that when you first put it into gear, like into Reverse when backing out of the driveway, it will make a clunking sound when your foot comes off the brake. And also when I stop at a stop sign or something and let my foot off the brake and step on the gas, I get the same clunking.

I can step on the brake and let off, over and over again as I idle down the road and get it to constantly make this clunking noise.

Thanks for any help, it drives me crazy to go down the road with this suspension clunking all over.


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    I would suspect both right front and transmission motor mounts. Check it out by parking it and stepping on the gas a couple of times. hope this helps.
  • efitzgeraldefitzgerald Member Posts: 62
    Hi, so was it the motor mounts or was it ball joints?
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    It was the stabilzer end links, the joints and bushings were shot and the bar was knocking around all over. Apparently it's pretty common on these Quests/Villagers.
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