Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Tire Monitor problems

vmax60vmax60 Member Posts: 1
Is anyone having problems with the tire monitoring system in the new 08 Sierra 1500. I have a problem with the horn beeping twice and than a message coming up saying that the tire monitoring system is in active learning mode.
This will be the second time in the shop to fix the problem.


  • otto8otto8 Member Posts: 116
    Mine in my 07 went nutz because I aired down my tires for the winter
    traction from the recommended 50 front/70 rear. Now i have a constant
    Service tire warning lght and message and I can't reset it ! Will have to
    wait till spring after snowplowing season is over to send it to dealer.

    If any other issues pop up I will have it taken care of all at once as the
    tire pressure warning message is a non issue with me!

    Funny tho....My 03 Cadillac also has the tire pressure monitors and
    haven't made a peep in almost 5 years since new no matter what !
  • Dondog1Dondog1 Member Posts: 1
    VMAX, I'm wondering if you've added anything aftermarket to your truck. Such as new stereo, navigation system, or even new tires? I have a 2007 GMC Yukon, and I've been having problems with my tire monitor system ever since the day I bought it, and after countless times in the shop, GM is now claiming that it's the GPS unit of my navigation system that's causing the issue. They also claim that it *may* be the tires I just changed too. The problem with those 2 arguments is that the SUV had this exact same problem before I even bought it, and I just changed the tires 2 months ago. I've had the vehicle since May of 2007 and GM has this vehicle on record as having tire monitor issues in February of 2007. GM is obviously trying to wiggle out of something that is obviously a flawed system by placing blame on anything aftermarket that they can.
  • holemakerholemaker Member Posts: 1
    I rotated my tires last friday and then checked and added pressure on two of them then went to the check mode and the tires chirpped twice and keep telling me that I need to service the tire pressure monitering system Iwas told I need a tool called J-46079 and go around the truck starting on the front right then the Right rear and then the left rear. tried all this and it shirps but dont work any help out there
  • akjbmwakjbmw Member Posts: 231
    Check with the local tire shops. They likely see this more often than the dealer.
    Practice makes permanent.
    My exposure to the challenge was at a Discount Tire store where I had the tires rotated, balanced, and brought up to pressure on my "new-to-me" 07 NBS LTZ. Took two tries, but they got it done.
    I went to Discount Tire 'cause they carry the Nitto tires that I were on the truck from the previous owner. I was happy with the service. I am happy with the Terra Grapplers so I wanted to know a bit more about the service center for next seasons replacements.
  • dmix28dmix28 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Trailblazer LT3 and my tire monitor system goes nuts about every three days , I have taken it in about 6 times to have the system "re- learned"
    and even have the sensors changed, I love my trailblazer but I don't love
    the service tire monitor light that keeps going off
  • fredenfreden Member Posts: 3
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    You are wrong to start on the r/f. In your manual, when the monitor message appears, key on engine off.Hold the re-set button till the horn "chirps" leave key on. Let air out of L/F till "beep" R/F air out till "beep", R/R air out till "beep" L/R air out til "beep beep" (2)
    Shut key off. Set tire pressures to specs. Turn key on,,,, go around the block.....DONE.
  • fredenfreden Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2010
    P.S. The "J" tool you want to know about is for "activating" a new wheel sensor only!
    The tool was $900.00. The newer trucks (2010) will activate a new sensor on it's own.
    Just did a 2010/ 2500 HD. with no $900.00 tool! (but had steering controls...might matter,just follow the owners manual in the glove box.
  • stevenelsonstevenelson Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 07 Sierra, had the same problems. I took the truck to my local Discount Tire shop. 5 minutes, no charge, problem fixed. They had the knowledge, and the tool to reset everything. :D
  • flagshipflagship Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    As soon as either door is opened, a one- second interval chime comes on. It is not the normal "door-opened" or "key- in- ignition" chime. It chimes twice in the one second. When door is closed, chime continues. When key is placed in tumbler, chime continues as well.
    There is also, after about 10 seconds, a clicking sound similar to the four way flasher sound, that starts. There are no outside lights coming on while this happens.
    When key is turned to Run, all panel lights come on and warning lights come on.
    With transmission in Park or Neutral, there is no action at all when trying to start - no solenoid noise or anything at all.
    When I pull out the 4o amp fuse labeled Ignition A in the underhood electrical box, the chime stops.
    Voltmeter reads 12.5 volts. Briefly turned on headlights - they appear very bright. Battery connections are good and tight.

    Help! Any suggestions?
    Thank you!
  • mfiremfire Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2004 1500 crew cab from a private party. The odometer read 48132 mi. However after taking the truck home and looking at the display that shows the trip odometer the personal trip was turned on and showed 60680 mi. along with an average speed of 80.1 mph. The engine hr meter showed 10.4 hrs. There was a new battery installed just before I bought the truck was wonder if that may have messed up the info or did someone roll back the odometer reading? The gentleman I bought it from was an older guy and seemed very nice, just wondering if I got taken. How can I find out? I talked to the local GM dealer and he said sometimes they might be able to get the odometer info of the computer but not always. I just dont see how the trip can read more miles than the odometer.
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