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Hyundai Santa Fe Radio



  • I have a 2008 SF with a rattle behind the dash. I hear it through the AC vent on the passenger side. Please let me know what you find or how it gets resolved.

    Thank you.
  • anonyanony Posts: 1
    According to Hyundai this is the way it should be. See TSB # 06-90-023 on their own web site: . I've tried for resolution to no avail. If you really love the Fe and want a real radio you might have to go 3rd party - but note that warranty may get affected. I recommend telling your friends about the customer service you get when trying to fix this. I'm not a happy camper when it comes to Hyundai - PERIOD! I would not have purchased if I knew now what I knew then (goes beyond just the radio).
  • I own a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. We live in Sarasota, but I often drive the vehicle through downtown Tampa. My car is equipped with the standard Hyunndai Santa Fe Limited radio,with XM.
    I have experienced none of the reception or tone problems that have been posted. I have, however, had my Sante Fe in for at least 9+ times in the 12 months I have owned it.
    Issue revolve around squeaks and creaks. I have filed a complaint with the FL Lemon Law people, and we shall see what happens next.
  • anybody knows since when the mp3 player comes in the santa fe radios?
  • I am also have this issue, if it is a bad ground from the amplifier has anyone fixed it themselves or got the dealer to fix it? If so, what was done?

    If someone can share this info then all of us with the problem can get it addressed at our dealers. I remember some people even opening cases at Hyundai America for this, any feedback from them?

  • I have a 2008 Santa Fe GLS with the base 112-watt radio. I'm pretty disappointed with the flat sound quality and of course the lack of an audio jack for a MP3 player (knew this when buying the vehicle). I have spent plenty of time adjusting the equalizer to improve the sound, but still missing clarity. Compared to the radio in our 2008 Mazda3, the SF radio sounds like a blue light special.

    One recent review of the 2009 SF stated that the only significant upgrade for the model year will be a radio with an audio jack and USB connectivity. Has anyone seen and heard the new radio? I'm curious if the entire radio was replaced and the sound quality is improved. Next I would like to know if dealers will be allowed to install the new 2009 radio into a 2008 (inflated dealer cost could be an issue). I would be curious in researching this option before buying an after market radio that will not have the same fit/finish as a manufacturer radio and avoid potential compatibility issues with the steering wheel control buttons. Thoughts?
  • The standard radio in the SF is, overall, not that bad. Replacing the speakers should make a considerable difference in the sound quality. If you really want an MP3 jack, then an aftermarket unit is the way to go. Getting an OEM radio from a Hyundai dealer would be ridiculously expensive compared to an aftermarket unit, and likely is the same radio only with a front panel input added. As far as fit and finish and the steering wheel buttons are concerned, a good custom install kit from Scosche or Metra would do a good job (NOT American International - they're junk), and there are interface/adapters available to maintain the function of the buttons - as long as the aftermarket unit provides for their connection.
  • The AM on the AM/FM radio in my 1998 Isuzu P/U truck started going dead. I can get it back for varying lengths of time by going to FM which works fine then back to AM. I have tried reseating the antenna and wiggling the wire with no affect. It even goes out while I am at idle so I no longer suspect then antenna. It probably needs a new radio unless someone can suggest what else might cause the problem. I'm a talk radio junkie and never use FM. Thanks.
  • @ torscotty

    I just purchased an 08 Santa Fe 1 week ago and am having the same exact problem as everyone else is. It's odd how this forum has started so long ago, and how there are hardly any more posts about this issue. If it wasn't resolved you would think people would still be complaining.

    If this has been resolved, PLEASE help! Is there a solution to this? Did anyone actually determine if this was a external amp grounding issue? Did anyone actually fix it?
  • johncjohnc Posts: 7
    Have a 2004 Santa Fe with loss of radio (Monsoon) reception in AM mode. Twice previously I had the dealer correct (under warranty). The fix was to replace the glass amplifier under the drivers side rear window (the antenna is located in this window). There could and probably is a loose wire on the amplifier or the ground connection (dealer stated).
    Question... How does one remove the inside panel under the window without causing any damage? Are special tools needed? Is there a trick?
    I need detailed instructions and a few prayers.
  • I love the way the car drives and it's comfy BUT the radio is horrible. :mad: Hyundai put out a service bulletin that there were 07 radios in the 08s and I got a replacement but it still stinks - I even went back to the dealer and drove another and it sounded the same. I have been referred to the rep for the dealership so we shall see - he has yet to return my call. Also within 2 weeks the fuel pulsator went bad and within 3 mo the turn signal light was out - all fixed by warranty but still a PAIN!! The radio cuts in and out and sounds terrible. Thank goodness my kids only want to listen to The Wiggles and Raffi every time we're in the car. It just stinks when I want to listen to the radio ever!!!!!
  • Go to /photo_18.html

    for a photo of the 09 interior on the higher end model with nav - it does have an XM button. It says an improved audio system is on the new 09s and a USB/iPod input.
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    Those aren't 2009 photos though. They just used the old photos.
    My 2008 USA brochure shows the same Nav with XM button.

    The 2009 non-Nav stereo head unit has it's blue screen as MUCH bigger than the '08. It's huge really. I've yet to find a Nav pic or see one in person so I'm not sure how that's changed.
  • palokpalok Posts: 14
    The Santa Fe 09 models all are equiped with USB ports. I'm looking at a clearance 08 LTD model and the Infinity radio is identical. I can buy an iSimple kit from Peripheral Electronics for about $150 which will give me Ipod USB control from the radio and also provide HD radio channels. The dealer can also add the USB port - the radios are the same on the LTD - installed for from $300-$400 (negotiable at time of purchase).
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    Well, the head unit is certainly not the same. Very very different on the 2009.
  • My radio does not get hardly any receprton, so I believe the antenna wire may be faulty or disconnected.
    Does anyone have an easy way to remove radio and/or get to window antenna junction to check it out?
    Thanks. Mine is a 2002 Sante Fe, and I've been usibg satellite radio rather than worrying about fixing the factory radio.
  • eagleteaglet Posts: 1
    I have just purchased an 09 Santa Fe & wonder if the random play option will play from all 6 cd's or only 1 at a time? I'm also curious if the door locks can be programmed so that all 4 doors unlock when put in park or only the driver's door as it is now? Thanks
  • remag1234remag1234 Posts: 32
    I have a Santa Fe '03 LX and have had trouble with the AM from day one. It was a loose wire in the antenna amplifier located above the window antenna under the moulding. The wires were loose and it cleared up for a couple of years, when it happened again I pushed the wires in the amp and taped them. Recently the same thing started again. I removed the radio and plugged in a standard whip antenna, held it out the window and the radio played beautifully.......window antenna/amplifier must be the culprit[s]. A dealer quoted $289.83 for the amp [not installed] plus tax, thieving SOB's. I have 2 options: Option 1, replace with a different antenna which means drilling a hole in the roof, dropping the headliner, UGH! Option 2: Break the window with the antenna, call the insurance co. [I have glass insurance] and have them replace window, antenna and amp :) .
  • I have no idea about the door locks .. but the random is one cd at a time. .

    Im curious if anyone is having issues with just the XM quality ..after 3 weeks ours just started cutting in and out. . XM has rebooted the signal twice and now says we need to go back to the Dealer. .but on first call to service. .they say that if the radio works .. they ahve no idea. . To XM's credit . .they have extended our trial ti l it gets worked out.
  • Car dealers are notoriously clueless about radio problems. Your cutting-in-and-out problem could be an antenna problem, or it could just be one of those "XM things".

    Be aware there are many things that could compromise your XM reception:

    1. Driving in a city with tall buildings

    2. Driving down a street with lots of big old leafy trees.

    3. Weather situations (thunderstorm, etc.)

    Here in Colorado, not much of the above apply, but I can pretty well guarantee that I'll lose my signal in a certain area in Boulder...

    What part of the country are you in? Any of this sound likely?
  • The XM sound quality isn't that great, but that's an XM issue (my portable MyFi sounds the same).

    Tell me more about where you're driving when the XM signal cuts in and out. If you're under a bridge or in a parking garage or under lots of trees, the signal will cut out because the antenna can't see the sky. XM does have repeaters in different metro areas to fill in coverage gaps where they know that the terrain will block reception (they're also very hush-hush about where these repeaters are, so if you want to know if there is one near you they won't tell you) and the radio buffers about 8 seconds of data before it drops to try to minimize dropouts while you drive.

    If your XM cuts out when you have a clear view of the sky, then yes, I would doubt the radio. If you don't have a clear view of the sky when the signal drops, then your radio may be fine and this is just how satellite radio works.
  • At first we thought it was cloudy conditions. .but on 2 recent interstate trips was clear as bell sky wise and we werent even under a leaf! Its just so hard to explain to the dealer .. as its not an all the time thing. . .and yet - its an issue before we commit long term to XM.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Posts: 88
    XM subscribers, In case you haven't seen this, a new Music Royalty fee is being added to bills starting July 29th. When your current subscription expires, an additional $1.98 per month will be added to your bill.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    That fee may kill off a lot of those tiny little internet radio stations that I skim now and then. I don't mind paying artists, but I hate giving any money to the RIAA.
  • I can't seem to find out the model and information on the radio used with the 2009 SF with Navigation. The non-nav unit has an I-POD/MP3 jack...but not available with Navigation. I am trying after market, but they want to know the details on the unit. They feel that it must be a different model as the MP3 jack is not offered.

    Anyone have any help on this. Anyone successfully installed an AUX jack on a 09 with Navigation????
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    I posted to you on HyundaiForums. The aftermarket people claim to not have made a device with aux, etc. for the Nav unit. Apparently not enough Hyundai people care.
  • Hi, I just bought a 2009 Santa Fe and I have an amp that I would like to plug in to my car stereo. Is it possible or I need to change the radio that allows it and get a special module so I can hook it up to the steering wheel.

  • I am (or was) in the audio business, and I can't quite understand what you're asking. To attach an amp to the factory stereo you need an adapter to drop the speaker level outputs down to line level, and then attach that to your amp. The Metra part number is ALOC-60, about $25 from various sources. There is no involvement with the steering wheel. If you choose to replace the OEM radio with an aftermarket unit, virtually all of them have outputs for amps, and steering wheel interface adapters are available for most brands.
  • Thank you for your answer. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to ask the question without being too confusing ;) I need to practive

    So if I understand correctly, I just disconnect one speaker and plug in that channel line level converter and then plug in my AMP?

    Thats sounds too easy :)))) I was going to buy another radio because mine didn't have RCA output.
  • So if I understand correctly, I just disconnect one speaker and plug in that channel line level converter and then plug in my AMP?

    Well, you COULD, but that's not the common approach. I assumed you would get a TWO-CHANNEL amp, disconnect both rear speakers and connect to the ALOC-60 and amp that way. This also assumes you're not adding a separate subwoofer.
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