Mazda 5 Karakuri seats

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I just learned about the Karakuri seats in Europe, I also understand why they were not introduced in any rate, do any one here know where can I find a Karakuri seat in the states or anything similar?



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    I've seen it in Europe and they are designed nicely, but I would say is just for kids, as an adult it is not comfortable. They also have tray tables attached to the front seats to be used in the 2nd row :(

    Yes, it did not make it for the NA Markets (Mexico, US nor Canada) as it seems there are some safety regulations issues (i.e. seat is not bolted to the floor)

    Anyway, if you want the seat aftermarket in the US I would suggest to have a chat with some of the Mazda accessories stores around (i.e. Google for "Mazda Stuff parts" or "Mazda Cork Sport parts"), they may know the feasibility and what the implications are.
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    Yes I would love to have that extra kid would be perfect for my needs

    I will browse around, thanks!!!
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    I am sure it is just politics re the middle chair. I wish they had left the middle seat back as it is a great middle arm rest, fills in the space too, there is not gap when all the seats are flat and it moves out of the way more that the 2 arm rests do in total as the one in the middle seats only rotate up. This makes it better for containing animals and items in the back with middle seats up(containment). and leaves more room for items that need to be run total length of car. as it is not only items thinner than the smallest point between middle arm rest will fit.

    but then again they have spent the money much wiser with making sure the mazda5 suspenion was tested to ensure it was compatable to cold weather lol ;)
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    a lot got lost when the Mazda5 first shipped to NA in 2005. Overall the appearance seems the same. Yet with no Traction, DSC, diesel, 6 spd... what else is missing! Most auto glass has UV protection so less tint is fine. In fact it is easier to see brake lights ahead through the car/van. Do all SUVs really come standard with dark tint? Seems to me that not offering factory tint might be an oversight based on a biased class system.

    So, not much left but a heavy van with little to push it! Is MPG calculated on gross or curb weight? Is a minivan MPG calculated on 7 ppl... or the more realistic 5.2 ppl?

    Mazda 2+3(with middle latch option?)+2 = Mazda 5.2 cdc :shades:

    From what I know of safety, sharp pointy objects such as those replacement arm rests are more of a concern... if they are even properly padded! Where'd they find these from a Ford van? Oh right! I would say put the 2nd row seat back and give the driver and passenger a better armrest too; for those longer trips.

    The origional EU config is fine, and yes a parts store should have plenty of armrests to reconfigure the Karakuri design. But to change it midstream off the boat like this? Do we even speak Japanese? How is the design flawed? The car has been out for three years and there is no resale market in NA.

    Finally the 2008 interior redesign was unnecessary. 2006 was WAY better. Cost savings are done after you sell a lot of vehicles. Here someone simply placed the wrong order... for three years :P
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    LOL, really interesting perspective I would say. I never thought about it on that way :D

    a) I have 2 Mazda5s, and I appreciate the 06 vs. 08 facelift, except the taillights, those continue to be weird...

    b) The things that did not make it (i.e. Karakuri Seats) again, may be NHTSA but may also be cost related. Yes, Europe has them but do you know how much the same car is there? The one I saw, maybe a Sport (plus) or Touring in the US, 27,500 Euros!! I let you figure the exchange rate. I think Mazda smartly cut the nice to have features to remain competitive, they are a business after all, no charity. On the other side, they only put 2nd row seat A/C for US, Mexico and Canada, so who knows!

    c) I'm not worried about resale, the cars really pay-off during my ownership, any extra money I get when I sell them, is a good plus but not critical

    d) I have manual tranny on both my cars, there is more than enough power to haul you around. If you want to drag race Odysseys or any Soccer mom cars, I think yes, you need a bigger engine :P. Still, 0-60MPH in around 8.5s, hmmm, what else my wife wants to smoke Hyundai Elantras at the traffic light? :D
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    FYI, factory tint is only allowed on vehicles classified as truck. While DC was able to do this with the Neon PT Cruiser, Mazda couldn't get it done on the Mazda5. Politics.
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    No worries maltb, now that I see it looks like a troll, this is its first post, joined only 2 days ago and its the wrong forum area if you ask :D
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    The interior radio and HVAC layout is nice in the 06 model. Nav came from the top! New Nav is down low, and its not chrome like the old model. Usually I am enticed by newer models... in this case I'm not. I can put LEDs in the taillamp myself :blush:

    Karakuri seats make the car what it is. If you change a 7 passenger car into 6, then do shouldn't the MPG change too? It is political, deffinitly, but how do you think Mr. Karakuri feels?

    I joined up to respond to this thread. I use research tools to spec cars. However once I find a car I like, I see the changes made for global markets. Maybe Mazda is happy with the 5's sales, maybe 7 seats would sell more! If anything you can save on advertising costs... "The seating in the Mazda5 is not like in Europe, or Asia. We've replaced Japanese innovation with some old Ford armrests; Buy one today!"

    Tinting i don't quite get. Some sites advertise with the front windshield tinted!

    I think I'll wait for the 1.6 CRDi i30
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    Oh, you are back :D, I thought you were a troll given how the topics came and went. Good to know its a real you then. My bad

    Isnt' the 1.6 CRDi i30 a Hyundai? If yes, stereotypes maybe, but that is a turn-off to me (and looks smaller anyway).

    You either want to seat 7 very small passengers, you don't use toddler seats or you don't have a compact garage. Pictures tell it all, many of us DO NOT need a 7 seater, for that I would buy a Mini-van or similar :D. Also, to be honest, I've seen so many complaints about the MPG on the Mazda5, but compared to other 6 seater, 7 seaters, it is really decent.

    For the pics, just check the posts 226, 291, 296 and 307 in these links:

    coolmazda5, "Rondo vs Outlander/Rav4/Santa Fe/Mazda5" #227, 30 Nov 2007 12:13 pm
    coolmazda5, "Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo" #291, 7 Feb 2008 4:43 pm
    coolmazda5, "Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo" #296, 8 Feb 2008 1:13 pm
    coolmazda5, "Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo" #307, 9 Feb 2008 11:42 am

    I won't tell you what to buy of course, everybody buys as they please, but some extra info may help you understanding the Mazda5 target market better :)
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    The two seats in the back are extra.. for now. I like the extra room in the Mazda5 compared to regular compacts such as the i30... or Mazda3 to stay in brand.

    One of my concerns is the rear facing infant seat which is ideally placed in the center of the second row. Without the Karakuri hiding seat I see no support in the center aisle.

    The latch buckles are always there on either side, so someone could straddle the middle without the speced seat. Might this be more dangerous, than the original design? Are there any rear facing tether attachments in the car?

    I guess wanting DSC, Traction, 6-spd, and diesel, are the product of EU market envy :mad:
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    Anybody had any success with this Karakuri seat in US, would be interested.
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