Paint Chips Again 07 Outlander

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I said I would follow up with a few kms under our belt. Now at 9500 km. Only the past 600 or so have been on winter roads with a few miles of the usual road "sand". The few chips I received on my first 4000 km trip have been joined by over 30 on both sides of the car - the full length of the rocker panel all the way up to first indent crease. White undercoat behind red is pretty noticeable and very disappointing. I have a couple of other cars in the driveway with over 300,000 km on each and neither has so much a one chip and they have been driven by me on winter roads for over 10 years - now this is either very poor design and or very very poor paint quality - and yes I have the front and rear mud flaps.


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    Thanks for the report. When I buy my new Outlander I'm going to have Clearbra installed in those areas and on the front.
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    You can install Clearbra, 3M or similar product yourself and save some money. Check the internet for kits.
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    Weim, could you please post some links for online shopping wordwide....?
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    If you are going to install a protective coating do it now. I just returned from 1500 km winter road trip to ski. Now the rocker area and the bottom i/4 of the doors each has an equal area of undercoat to the red paint. Unbeleivable deterioration.I havent seen this ever on any vehicle. Checking the suv's in the parking lot and the guys who accompanied me on the trip in their A4 and the old ford bronco not one chip on any of them!!! :(
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    have you talked with mitsubishi yet?my blue outlander came with protective coating on the flare of the rear door it was useless.I had it painted at 3000 miles and installed running boards I now have 11690 miles no still says its my problem.The real cure dont buy an outlander.
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    Sorry to hear about the paint chipping. I've been wishing I'd bought the XLS, after hearing about the chips, I'm not feeling so bad about my LS with the 16" rims. Lots of driving on crappy roads and in bad weather and the paint looks good.
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    Mine is the LS model 16" rims
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    Where did you purchase the running boards.? I have contacted every aftermarket manufacturer and auto store to no avail. Even the dealer's can't get them (so they say). Do you have 18" wheels on your Mitsu?
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    Does your vehicle still look okay as of this date? Do you feel that the 16" rims are
    keeping down the sandbalsting effect? I am trying to get my dealer to at least switch out my 18" to help the problem. Getting really nervouse about the whole situation, cannot believe Mitsubishi is such a poor company when it comes to their customers.
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    my LS has 16'' rims so I don't believe it make's any difference in this problem. I had the same problem as you nobody makes running boards for this vehicle. so I went to a local custom fabricating shop and they made a set. they look pretty good,I have had no problems, since They come out even with the mud gaurd's so it don't take much.. sorry outlander owner
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    Could you give extra information about that local custom fabricating shop so i could contact them? Where are you located?
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    Found them at ATS Design, custom running boards
    866-213-2873 (California Company) Call & they will give you local distributor.
    I am in the northeast so I called Auto Elegance (talk to Joe) really knowledgable about his product. 800-277-6458
    Too bad Mitsubishi couldn't provide something for all those with problems.
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    I got paint chips after about 3 months and pinhole size rust spots on every panel of the truck after about 4 months. I just had the misubishi rep look at it. he said it is from the environment and not covered by warranty. i'm very disappointed. anyone else have a problem with rust?
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    There is an old adage “Better to prevent than to cure”. Wash your car every two weeks. Wax your car thoroughly. Observe for chips and commencing of rusting. Put touch paint on areas where there are paint chips. It seems to me that you have neglecting your car.

    Enter in this forum the word “paint” in SEARCH and you will see the solutions for this paint chipping somewhere given by members in this forum. The best thing to do is to buy a mud-flap instead of a mud guard. However this has to be done the following day you bought your brand new car not after 1-2-3-4 months.
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    No rust but I see how that could start very quickly especially on the door edges. I'm a little lucky - while driving I was passed by a "sand truck" while along side a semi and the resultant shower of "sand" made quite an impression on the paint. So that was covered by my insurance as is the new windshield. $5,500 total.
    As for the mudflaps - they help only a little - looks like the running boards are the only real option based on the design flaw.
    The body shop suggested the design of the front end would benefit for what we refer to as an Alberta bra - clear plastic coating one third of the distance from the grille back to the windshield both on the hood and the front fenders plus a run of the plastic along the side of the vehicle. Estimated cost over $700. now finding a competent applicator is a problem for me.
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    Paint chips from sand and other environmental hazards are not covered by warranty


    For some common sense solution: (free registration required for non-members)
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