2K Chevy Blazer ODB2 Problems

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Have a co-worker whos 2000 Blazer won't pass inspection because the ODB2 interface won't link. In order to pass inspection the computer needs to be checked for codes, check engine light is on.

What options do we have other than replace the computer? The reader will work on other autos.

Ideas, thoughts?


  • mcheromchero Member Posts: 6
    Well after 3 weeks of NO RESPONSE I stumbled across the problem... Apparently, the cigarette lighter fuse ALSO powers the interface, No fuse, no communication with the computer!

    Replaced the blown fuse corrected!

    Hope this helps others.

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    Thanks for the update. Seems a little odd that the lighter would be on the same circuit as the ECU, considering all the stuff people plug into the power ports.

    Good stumbling. :D
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    Yes Steve, I was caught by surprise on this one. On the owners manual it states the fuse supplys both lighter and the Data Interface.
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    You can buy 9 volt battery gizmos that plug into your power port to retain your ECU (and radio) settings when you swap out your car battery. Maybe that's one reason why they run the data interface that way.
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    Excellent point Steve. I have seen the dealers insert a plug into the cigerette lighter with a battery on the other end when swapping out 12 volt batteries. Was told it keeps the memory in the computer while the 12v battery is disconnected.

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