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Audi A4 Brakes

hrbhrb Member Posts: 3
I am trying to replace the rear brake pads and cannot back off the cylinder. is there someting special to do?


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    kgarykgary Member Posts: 180
    Make, model, year?
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    hrbhrb Member Posts: 3
    it's an 1999 Audi Quattro 2.8.
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    vlad2007vlad2007 Member Posts: 1
    ok so u get a C -clamp [helps if you have 2 people] put the C-clamp on with the end that turn on to the piston tighten it. then get a large pair of pliers and turn the piston in clockwise while tightening the clamp. takes a little work but i hope this is some help.
    there is a special tool to do it but this is the cheaper way to go, :D
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    hrbhrb Member Posts: 3
    Thank you very much!

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    tyberwantyberwan Member Posts: 1

    Since Dec 2006, I have noticed that my brakes are sticking, the front left one specially as I can feel the tyre rim being burning hot after driving. When I start the car in the morning, brakes are fine, but after 15 mins in the traffic, it starts to stick and I feel as if brakes are applied constantly. This makes the car more difficulkt to drive and then the brakes start to squeal all the way until I apply the brakes. Sometimes I play with the brake, press and release and then it will go away, but come back after when I have applied brakes a few times. Some other days it will not do it, so it is not regular. It seems to start sticking usually after driving for 15 mins in traffic. When the brakes are sticking, I switch off the engine and switch it on again without my foot on the brakes, I hear a "clunk" sound and then as if the brakes release itself again for sometime until I start to brake again, after which it will stick again.

    I had the Audi garage look after this but they first thought it was the brake caliper. But after trying a new one, it did not solve the problem. Some forum mentioned the servo or a rusty master cylinder, but they have tried new ones without any success. Yesterday, the brake was sticking more than ever, so much that when you are on an inclined road and you stop, you release the brakes are the car is still, does not roll back.

    Any suggestions?
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    clmlclml Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2001 2.0 A4 and the same problem you have described. I took it to a mechanic who said the calipers and brakes are fine. He seems to think it is the tubes with brake fluid collapsing in on themselves. Once the brake fluid goes through the collapsed pipe under high pressure for braking, it does not come back very well under low pressure meaning the brakes are stuck on. This is why it is fine on cold start and builds up after a bit of driving. He is replacing the tubes today and I will reply here to let you know how I get on.
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    grobsongrobson Member Posts: 1
    HI looks like I have the same problem, changed sevo, M/C ABS ECU Had the wheels off so many times they now laugh and say not you again!!! had the car into Audi 3 times and still the same problem, did changing your pipes do the trick. Hope to hear from you soon
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    hobokenmikehobokenmike Member Posts: 1
    We replaced the rotor and the brake light, yellow circle wiht pads on each side is one.
    The ABS is not working and the ABS light is not on.
    The brakes cannot come to a sharp stop.

    any thoughts
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    rick187rick187 Member Posts: 1
    I am seeing alot of brake sticking issues here with the audi A4 I just purchased one yesterday,a 2004 A4 3.0 has anyone solved this problem yet? I also am having power window issues.is there an answer for either of these questions. if no, then i will be returning the car to the dealer.
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    bastosbastos Member Posts: 1
    hey now,
    i have a 2004 allroad 2.7L. have a problem with brake pads/brake calipers,i think it's the pads though. they rattle when hitting potholes,highway divider joints when i'm off the brakes,but are quiet when brakes are applied. have had this issue since buying the car with 29,000 miles. brakes have been replaced twice already now with 83,000 miles. any suggestions? could it be a aftermarket pad as opposed to dealer/factory pad? thanks for any info...
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