oil pan replacement

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does anyone have information as to how to replace a cracked oil pan. I tried removing the tranny, manifold to no avail. I couldnt afford to have it replaced. They were asking $900 to replace the pan, so I'm trying on my own. But I'm at a loss. Need help bad.


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    You probably have already found out that the engine must be pulled to replace the
    oil pan. At least that is what everyone has told me.
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    This is not an easy car to work on because of how things are layed out and compressed under the hood. Not trying to plug additional car repairs, but if you go ahead with this type of repair (requires engine being lifted), you might be best advised to.consider other items that might need replacing in the near future that also require the engine lift. You are already paying for the labor on this job, most of which has nothing to do with the pan replacement itself.

    A/C compressor and idler clutch assembly come to mind. Others more knowledgeable may be able to provide more specific items to have checked.

    Good luck
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