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06 Sedona pulls hard to left!

kimber128kimber128 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Kia
I have had my 2006 KIA Sedona for almost 2 years now. We purchased it in May of 06 brand new. From the time we drove it home, it seemed to pull hard to the left mostly on the highway. We brought the van back several times and were told it was fine. The service mgr got involved and had it checked several times at Town Fair Tire (because our KIA dealership doesn't do alignment). The alignment always came back fine. Tire pressure was fine, Tires were brand new and balanced. What we were finally told was that the KIA Service technicians receive updates or bulletins regarding complaints that customers have about vehicles and that there really was something to this whole "pulling hard to the left" thing. Apparently something was mounted the tiniest bit off on our van? But because it isn't really considered a "safety" issue, KIA hasn't recalled it. I beg to differ... if I'm going 65 mph on the highway and lost grip of the wheel for just a moment I veer into the left hand lane or jersey barrier... sounds like a safety issue to me! Anyways, at the time the dealership didn't know how to fix the problem and the service manager said his techs were going to be trained on the proper proceedure to fix the problem. Here's where it gets sticky... I waited and waited and never got the problem fixed. Now at 38K miles I've had to replace tires due to them being cupped because of this problem that nobody seems to be able to diagnose. Now there is a new service manager at the dealership I had innitially dealt with and he seems to know nothing about this problem even after searching in my old account files? Is there anybody out there whol knows what this slight manufacture defect is that they haven't recalled? I just want to know so that I can tell them what it was and have it fixed appropriately! I'm sure it's NOT tires, balancing, alignment or anything to do with steering....
If I remember correctly it had to do with mounting something


  • eggegg Posts: 9

    The problem is with the strut mounts. My van had the exact same problem form day one. The dealer service department removed the struts and mounts form another new van and replaced mine. You dealer is feeding you a line of bull if they are telling you that they know nothing of this problem. Problem is, even though they have replace my strut mounts and struts, I still have a bad pull to the right and a bad vibration, but I think the is not the case with all of the vans. See the thread on stearing vibration. Good luck. :lemon:

  • Kimber128,
    I had the same problem with my 06 Sedona purchased new in May 06. My Dealer knew of the strut problem and corrected mine the first week of ownership, no problems since and I currently have 18,500 miles. KIA is aware of the problem I would recommend you locate another dealer if they can't work on the alignment problem especially when it's a strut mount issue just like the other individual said.

    Other than that, the only problem I've had is the power door lock on the passenger door,fixed right away.

    I'm one of the lucky ones, I have a super dealer in Dayton Ohio.
  • KIA Motors has identified vehicles that were built between (10/10/2005-04/10/2006) exhibiting a pulling / drift concern while driving. Improper alignment of the upper spring seat plate can cause noise concerns and drift/pull concerns on some vehicles. Confirm that the vehicles tire condition, tire pressure and wheel alignment has been checked and are within specification before proceeding with this repair procedure. To correct these concerns, the upper spring seat plate may have to be repositioned. The plate has been stamped to identify its rotational position relative to the strut. Refer to illustration below for the location of the proper reference mark on top of the upper spring seat assembly’s outer edge. The baseline mark should be in the midpoint of the back of the steering knuckle bracket mount.

    The baseline position is the most optimal setting for the upper spring seat plate assembly to the strut. If the mark is found not in its baseline position, disassemble strut and reposition plate as shown. The rubber spring seat cushion edge should remain positioned correctly against the end of the coil spring. If a pulling or drift condition is still present afterwards, the upper spring seat must be adjusted further. Using the reference mark as shown opposite of the center of the steering knuckle opening as “zero” mark, adjustments can be made in two steps: 25 or35 degrees. The baseline mark should be in teh midpoint of the back of the steering knuckle bracket mount.

    Adjust one step at the time, and retest. If the concern is still present, repeat and move the plate to the next step, and retest. Turn steering wheel from full Left to full Right and back and check for noise from top of strut area. It is critical that on the LH strut plate, is rotated counter-clockwise, on the RH strut plate should be rotated clockwise; see illustration. If contact occurs please contact Kia Technical Assistance (800) 494–4542.
  • :lemon: Hi there, im over here in the Uk, but i have the same problem, when i drive along if i where to take my hands off the steering wheel i would veer of to the left and crash, i also have problems with the gera box as sometimes my gears will not go into gear. Ive now got my Sedona into my local dealership and the mechanic telephoned me to say he could not find anything up with my vehicle.
    This has made me question my driving abbility and wonder if im driving correctly, my wife assures me that i am and it is the car, but it does make you wonder how and why these mechanics are telling customers these things are thy trying to keep costs down by not fixing the fault under the manufactors G`tee.
    if any one has any information from kia can they email me with details please as im fighting a loosing battle with kia and i dont want to get into the car with my children as i dont think its safe to do so.
    my car is a 2005 model.
  • Hi David. The best bet is to go to your local dealership and speak with the service manager and take him/her with you to show them the problem. The pulling of the car there is a fix for this and it stems from the above posted TSB. You of course have to make sure you are on level road to perform this test. A vehicle will pull to the left or right if the road is concaved.

    As far as your gear box goes I have not heard of problems with them before. Do you give the van time to go into gear? With the electronic controlled transmission it takes it a few seconds before it gets into gear. A little annoying to be honest but when I shift from lets say R to D I give the van about 2 - 3 seconds before starting off with just my foot on the brake. It seems to like this, if I hit the gas right away after the shift it is not happy. You have to give it a little time to engage. Just the nature of this beast.

    If this is not your problem please go into further detail.
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