Nissan Armada Homelink and Navigation Problems

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I recently bought a new 2008 LE (fully loaded); after driving it at night the first time, we realized the homelink buttons on the mirror were not back lighted. This makes it very difficult to see the buttons at night. My dealer states these buttons are not lighted. Every other button on this vechicle is back lighted, so this makes no sense.

Also, I was told by the dealer that my mirror lacks the compass and outside temperature feature because my vehicle has the navigation system. The temperature display on the navigation screen is okay, but the rotating arrow compass is very difficult to comprehend at a glance. Everything I see on the Nissan web sites lists this mirror feature as standard equipment on the LE models.

Does anyone have information on these issues?


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    the temp display and clock are hard to read as well. and I still havent gotten
    my homelink to work with my genie door. I gave up on it.
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    I take it your Homelink buttons are not illuminated either?

    Concerning your problem programing the Homelink, Homelink is a product of Johnson Controls and they have a website for assistance ( with a training video and printed instructions. There is also a 1-800 number to call for assistance. Hope this helps.
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    They haven't had the in-mirror Compass or Thermometer since my 04. In 05 or 06 IIRC they moved it to the overhead console, and if you have the Navi or Screen then the temp and compass is there.

    Why would you need a compass if you are using the GPS?

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    Several of the 08 Armadas we looked at did have the in-mirror compass and thermometer. We don't keep the navigation on all the time (mostly just on trips). Previously we had a Toyota Sequoia which had the compass and temp in the front overhead console and were used to having it. My issue with the Nissan is that it is listed as standard on the 08 LE model, but apparently they take it away if you elect the navigation package. Not a big deal just a small irritation. Overall, we're pleased with the Armada. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Hmm I guess they went back to it then. Cause I know in 05-07 they only had it in the overhead console.

    I like it in my 04 but I never use the compass.

    Once I get one with navi that screen will stay up most of the time.

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    I plan on purchasing an Armada in the near future. I already have a Garmin Nuvi so am wondering how good (or bad) the Nissan navigation system is. Have any of you updated the software and if so, how much does it cost?
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    I have no experience with other navigation systems, but am pleased with the Armada system. The display is easy to see and has touch screen and voice commands. We first used it on a trip from Oklahoma to Florida and it worked great.
    I have not seen a need to update the software. If you elect the XM radio feature and Navtraffic, you will get road construction/delay information.
    You can access the navigation manual at or go to and selet manuals from the left menu. Another nice feature, if you also get the DVD system, is the ability to watch DVD on the front (navigation) screen with the vehicle in park.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have had my 08' Armada almost a year. On a recent trip into a major metroplex area, Dallas, TX, I found a housing development several yrs. old that was not displayed on the map. I saw the major roads around the area only. I could not see anywhere on Nissan's internet site, a part number to update my navigation software. Finally I called my local service location. They looked up their latest available software. It was 07' version. It's been a yr. and a half on this version. Shocking with the high tech environment in which we all survive. Why does Nissan not "out source" this feature with like Garmin Systems so that buyers of their cars have the latest and greatest navigation system available? Also, I had to laugh when the technician said that it cost $330 for the CD/DVD upgrade. An 07' version of software in now late 08', I don't think so. Is the Armada Navigation system compatible with any other mfgs software? Garmin features are much better than the current Armada navigation functions. Anyone wanting an upgrade too?
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    That's about on par with all the other OEM systems. They are all proprietary to the mfg. :(

    I have an 04 w/o Navi and built a carputer that has a 7" in-dash screen and I can update it whenever :)

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