Spark plugs

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Does anyone have recommendations on what replacement plugs to use in a 3.9?


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    I put a set of Bosch platinum +4s in my LS about 3 years ago. I've been satisfied with them.
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    I am looking into doing my first tune up in many years. My car is a 2001 Nissan Maxima. I am told that there are many different types of plugs for this car. They range in cost from $3.99/each to more than $11.99/each. They go by names that include; Iridium, Platinum and the like. I was told by a sales person that the fancy more costly ones have a hotter spark.

    My knowledge of how plugs and combustion work is; that the plug fires at the maximum fuel/air compression level to get the most power from the combustion.

    Does the heat of the spark make a difference? Isn't it true, that once the minimum flash point of the spark necessary is achieved for detonation to takes place, any heat (energy) over and above that flash point, necessary to cause detonation of the fuel/air mixture is superfluous?

    If my understanding is true, then spending more money on expensive plugs, is waistful. Please tell me what the real deal is. :shades:
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    Save your money and replace the factory plugs with the same ones. You won't notice a difference.
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