Wrong Diesel fuel in my Mercedes

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Help, I just filled up my new 08 diesel with low sulfur and not ultra low sulfur. Should I pump it out? should I just fill in more of the correct ultra low? HELP HELP!!!


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    Can somebody provide some guidance on how to pump this gas out? I don't know if I can just stick a tube into the gas nozzle and pump it out. I heard it's kinda tricky.
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    what did you end up doing to fix the problem? I have 09 bluetec and I filled up with gas, looking for advise.
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    Whatever you do, don't start the engine!

    You need to have the car towed and the fuel system properly flushed and checked. If the engine ran on the gasoline, you may have also done damage to the exhaust system and that would need to be carefully inspected as well.

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    Thanks for the input. Question here is why the hell they are making a system which is so vulnerable for a simple mistake as this. In UK they have a service called as "Fuel assist" which is a van equipped with draining, flushing and refueling the vehicle on the spot and does not cost as much. Prices I got from all the dealers (ofcourse mercedes dealers) all the way upto $8000.00 which is rediculous. I did not started the car, got it towed to dealership I bought it from and waiting for there phone call for my damages. I will update after I get the full results.
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