Pontiac Sunfire Warning Lights and Problem Codes

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My 1996 Sunfire convertible's (2.4L-manual) check oil light stayed on after starting even though the oil level was fine. Turning the car off and restarting always turned the light off. After a year or so I got use to it. Then one day, the car would not accelerate quickly without a jerking motion. One ignition coil and four new spark plugs later and both problems have been fixed.

This seems to be a fairly common problem amongst my friends so I thought I'd share the solution here.


  • slackermanslackerman Member Posts: 43
    Dang, the check oil light came on today.
    Right after my first fill-up since my ignition coil was replaced.
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    It sounds like I have been having the same problem you have. It was the jerking problem and it would happen sparatically and then get worse and worse until I had to tow it. I stuck 1000 dollars into my car and realized that if I keep it over a 1/2 of a tank, it runs great. I think it is my fuel pump but not positive. Try keeping it completely full and it should hopefully work for you!

    Good Luck let me know what happens!

  • slackermanslackerman Member Posts: 43
    Replacing the ignition coil has stopped the jerking problem. Maybe we're having two different problems expressed the same way?

  • brittanisbrittanis Member Posts: 4
    Yeah that might be it. Keep me posted and let me know if anything else happens!

  • slackermanslackerman Member Posts: 43
    Driving the car hard seems to help too. At least 4K RPM before shifting.
    Guess I was too gentle of a driver.
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    on my 1999 pontiac sunfire the ETS light is on all the time which says ets off the switch is on the shifter handle when I push the button the light goes off meaning the ets is on it just started to happen 2 days ago any ideas lmf
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    i noticed recently that while driving my sunfire it will ocasionlly shift gears rather hard than usual so i talked to a guy from general motors and he suggested checking the trans fluid and if low to add transmedic so i did as suggested and right after i added that junk when i crank up the car the check emmisions light stays on and shifting to any gear from park jolts the car and it also made it start shifting harder what should i do
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    I have a 02 Sunfire and my airbag light has been on for a few months. I havent had the cash to take it into a shop to look at. Reading Haynes all they say is it could be the smallest thing causing this light but wont even tell you anything to check. just says to take it into a shop.
    Can someone give me a few pointers on what I can check before I have to go into a shop?
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    Wrench light on dasboard, do not known what it means, looked in manual, it only states that car should be brought int dealer......what does this light mean
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    i just fixed a 99 same isues. have it scanned if you have a map sensor code of hi voltage replace the vacum line to the map sensor. good luck.
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    I get a banging in gear on my car and the ets light comes on. I did add fluid but dont know if i overfilled it no way to check.Help
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