Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee Towing Questions

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I am a new member and am looking for information that I thought would be quite simple but neither 2 dealers and the chrysler-jeep customer website idiots could not answer. so I am looking for assistance here. I have a 2007 grand cherokee with the Trailer Tow Group IV option. I would like to add an electric trailer brake controller so that I can pull my trailer. The last 2 vehicles that I purchased had brake control harness included as part of said package. Jeep, however has not included this 3 dollar item on its top of the line vehicle. Nor does it include said item in it's parts department. The service department people have no clue as I guess most people dont choose to pull a trailer with brakes down here in lower alabama. Please comment on this issue. thanks.


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    This is a great site and here is the link (for at least 2005 Jeeps and I do not think the 07s are that different, I have one and will probably have the same question hooking up my boat trailer next spring)
    There is also a link for controllers

    Good luck, I hope your 07 is working out well. We are happy with ours after 10 weeks and 2300 miles in a fairly tough MN winter.
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    How do I set up my jeep for flat towing behind my motor home. Do I set the transfer case to neutral and leave the shifter in drive or park?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I bought a new 2011 Grand Cherrokee with the factory towing package. I really like it and it towed my 5000# camper with no problems - its the v6 btw. but I am having a problem with the brake controler connector. I think the guy who installed it shorted the +12v to ground and blew the fuze. I had to use power from the lighter to make the brakes work on my camping trip. does anybody know where the fuze might be? I checked the manual and have checked all the fuzes that have towing in the title.
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