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Honda Accord Bluetooth

discount80discount80 Member Posts: 27
I test drove a 2008 honda accord tonight and most likley will be picking one up tomorrow. I am a bit confused on the bluetooth and the salesman wasnt very helpful. I am going trhough a private lease broker so screw him anyways HAHA.

Anyway here is my question. When I look on Hondas site about my phone compatability it says yes to recive contact and no to phonebook import. Can someone explain this? How do you make outgoing calls? Is it only via voice command? I cant scroll though a phonebook or directory on the screen and pick who I need to call.

Also here is my deal. 08 sedan EX-L with navigation. 36/15k First payment down. 425 tax in. a month. What do u think.


  • jb_turnerjb_turner Member Posts: 702
    Why dont you ask your private lease broker? HAHA.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    Please read the manual and "practice makes perfect".
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    For pricing help, you'll want to visit either the Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion or the one we have for Accord Lease Questions.
  • discount80discount80 Member Posts: 27
    Hi everyone. Is there a phone that actualy does have compatability with the 08 accords to transfer the phonebook? I even looked on the website and every phone they have listed has " no " under phonebook transfer compatability but the option does exist.Any help? Thanks.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I was very disappointed that my Samsung Blackjack and Samsung Sync did not show up on the list. But check the list under LG, there are a couple that are listed in the very short list of phones that are supposed to work.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847

    My cheap Samsung M50 (?) works very fine in my car. Bravo '08 V6 EX-L Bluetooth. Get in to get the list. Check the list before buying / changing phone.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    My Blackjack works fine with the Handsfree, it just won't transfer the phonebook info nor will it show the battery level, etc. on the screen. Were you able to transfer your phone book to the car's database?
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    I've not transferred the phone book yet. Have to do it some time. But the handfree sound quality is good to very good. It's been my exciting experience.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847

    I have rarely received phone calls while I am driving but sometimes like today while I was listening to my favorite tunes while driving suddenly the tune stopped and I thought "Oh my God, something wrong with my CD sector". But, in fact, it was my wife who called me and I immediately pushed & held the blue-tooth speaker button on the steering wheel to listen to my wife's call. I was truly joyful to hear my wife's voice via my car's speaker while the car was running nicely and I did not have to retreive my cell phone in the case attaching to my belly. I felt really nice and very happy with the quality of the blue-tooth of my car.

    A friend of mine at work bought a '07 Accord V6 EX-L at discount and he is very happy with it. I keep checking with him on his new car every time I meet him in the hallways at work. He commutes 130 miles round trip everyday to work. Poor guy ! I think '07 Accord V6 EX-L does not have blue tooth, does it?

    Note: Golf has still been so bitter about the VCM of his '08 Accord EX-L V6
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Member Posts: 1,724
    My dealer said I can get bluetooth as an add on to an EX-L, is this true? they said it would be around $750 for it.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I am glad you are enjoying it. The clarity and volume on mine is average, very much like the ear piece blue tooths, with background noise, etc. That is what I am being told by the people on the other side of the conversation but I am glad it is there, specially when in July that becomes law to use hands free in the car. Did she mention how you sounded and if there was any background noise on yours? I am thinking there are several factors for this, including where the phone is at the time, battery level, even the phone model, among other things.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    Honda does not offer one for non-Navi models. But there are several aftermarket choices available. I have seen some online that are very advanced (features) but I am not sure about the background noise, etc. They come with car specific harness so you can connect it to your cae speakers and get auto-mute when a call comes in, but you would have to use the screen and microphone that comes with the unit itself (The Honda bluetooth screen features are very limited anyhow). I don't think there is a backgrounf nose-proof one out there yet because even my $120 Plantronics ear-piece has background noise. Also it seems like my friends 08 TL bluetooth has better sound quality than mine. Viet seems to be happy with his OEM.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    I checked with my wife about the sound quality when I talked to her via the bluetooth but she was not sure. Will check it out next time. I was able to hear her with good to very good quality. Also, I heard the '08 Accord bluetooth is the TL bluetooth.

    As to adding navi to non-navi Accord the answer (I read it somewhere) is NO. It cant do it. So, I prefered to buy the Accord with the built-in navi instead of trying to hire a technician to pull out the audio unit with all messy wires to "add-on" navi or something else. NO WAY.

    Also, at my son's request I am going to add on the MP3 unit to his '05 Accord hybrid soon. Do you know the median cost to add it in? Thanks.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I am assuming he is asking for the add-on MP3 unit. Its online price is about $340 plus installation, unless he is into doing it himself.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I forgot to add the online prices are A LOT less than the dealer quoted $700+ price and you can install it yourself if just a little up to it.
  • discount80discount80 Member Posts: 27
    I have had my car for a month now. I have been using a motorola razr with it and the bluetooth has been working flawlessly since I got the car. Over the past 3 or 4 days sometimes my phone isnt syncing with the car automatically and I have to go into the phones bluetooth menu and pick the handsfree profile that is saved as the car and then it syncs up no problem. It was doing it like it is supposed to as soon as I get into the car without me having to do anything. Do you think its the phone or the car? Thanks for your help.
  • discount80discount80 Member Posts: 27
    I have had my car for a month now. I have been using a motorola razr with it and the bluetooth has been working flawlessly since I got the car. Over the past 3 or 4 days sometimes my phone isnt syncing with the car automatically and I have to go into the phones bluetooth menu and pick the handsfree profile that is saved as the car and then it syncs up no problem. It was doing it like it is supposed to as soon as I get into the car without me having to do anything. Do you think its the phone or the car? Thanks for your help.
  • coap1coap1 Member Posts: 2
    the blue tooth is easy,as for the payments, i got the 4cyc,leather,nav,remote starter,wheel locks,free oil changes for the whole 42 months, 414 a month with tax in the price, out of pocket 414, plus 180 motor vehicle fees, 42/1200
  • discount80discount80 Member Posts: 27
    I got my Phonebook to upload on a phone that shows is not compatible to do so. The trick was i found out by accident, that you have take the sim card out and then put it back in and then try to upload before doing anything else with the phone. Weird I found this out by mistake by switching my sim card into my other phone. I am so happy about this! By the way its on a blackberry pearl.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847

    My wife called me today again while I was driving. I heard her OK, I asked her if she heard me clearly. She said YES but she said "sounds like via the speaker...". Of course, via speakers for sure. I tried to call my dentist via my real cell but I could not do it due to that number is not in the bluetooth phone book I guess. But some other people called me and I got the call in my car/ bluetooth OK. Sounds interesting.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    One reason could be if you also have an ear piece bluetooth that you use with same phone. My phone (Samsung Blackjack) can only keep one bluetooth device active at a time so when I started using my Plantronics device outside the car, the car would not get activated automatically as you described. If that is not the case I would suspect the phone is the culprit more than the hands free link sine Handsfree Link is always looking (searching) for devices once you set it up but your phone has to send a signal out for other devices to detect it.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I just gave it a try and it did not work for me. I have a Samsung Blackjack. Did you have the phone on while you removed and reinserted the SIM card? If so, maybe that was the trick. In the Blackjack one can not remove the SIM card w/out removing the battery.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I have been able to use the cell phone itself in the car when the handsfree is activated. I just use the cell to dial and then click "send" on the cell phone itself, you won't hear it ring but once the other party answers you can hear them through the cell phone and if you wanted to go back to the handsfree link then push the steering wheel button and say "transfer".
  • discount80discount80 Member Posts: 27
    No I had my phone off.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I envy you! Have fun with it.
  • abhikuabhiku Member Posts: 124
    Did someone able to import phone book from ATT TILT with Accord EX-L Navigation?

    Thanks for advice..
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    I "envy heavily" with you too.
  • henrychinaskihenrychinaski Member Posts: 12
    my car/phone only rings twice before it automatically picks up the call. this sucks because many times i screen calls, so its happened three times now that by the time i get to my actual phone to see who is calling, the call has already picked up and im stuck talking to someone i would rather have ignored. anybody know how to lengthen the ring time? (ps., my phone by itself will ring like 8 times. it only goes to the two rings when its in the car).

    also, is there any caller id function for the bluetooth? i'd love to have the name and number pop up on my navi screen or something if possible? i looked in the owner's manual but neither of these issues were addressed. thanks if anyone knows.
  • henrychinaskihenrychinaski Member Posts: 12
    okay, figured out the ringing thing (it was part of my phone's setting). still wondering if there is a caller id function on the navi screen.
  • odumaoduma Member Posts: 2
    Hi Henrychinaski, The caller's telephone number is displayed.
    I have the 2008 accord V6 w/Nav and use the HP IPAQ HW6945.
    When the phone rings the telephone number (if not blocked) appears on the small screen just above the vents (where the clock & radio etc info is displayed). It may be phone dependent. Also phone has to ring at least twice I believe.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    My screen shows the number that the call is coming from but it takes a few rings before it shows up. Since you just figured out how to let it ring longer maybe you'll get to see the numbers?
  • teddymac1teddymac1 Member Posts: 1
    Did you figure out your problem. I've had my '08 EX-L for a week and the bluetooth suddenly stopped synching with my phone. When I go to my phone's menu it can't find the handsfree device anymore. I'm wondering if there is a simple on/off switch in the navi system that has been turned off.
  • erdocerdoc Member Posts: 10
    i was wondering if anyone has had a problem with voice dialing a number. once i enter the number by voice, then say "call" says its dialing but no call goes through. the bluetooth is connected, but nothing happens, its happened to me a few times. i end up having to cancel the call to get out. i have been able to make some calls that i have stored, so it puzzles me, any help?
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I have not had any problems. I would suggest try another phone if you can in case it is the phone compatibility issue.
  • erdocerdoc Member Posts: 10
    i have Sprint and have the Katana which is compatible except for the phonebook transfer. the phone recieves calls without problems. there are times i am trying to make a call and i hear nothing......(i check my cell phone and its not dialing). i think i will test it more to see where the problem lies.
  • abhikuabhiku Member Posts: 124
    For uploading address book to HFL thru navigation, your phone must be supporting Bluetooth Phone book access profile (PBAP).

    I was having ATT TIlt running WM6.0 & it was not uploading the address book to accord navigation. In WM6.1 it does support PBAP profile.

    I upgraded my ATT Tilt last night to WM6.1 build from here

    and next morning tested with accord navigation. Boom, it took less than 30 sec to upload 150+ contacts to Accord navigation.

    if you have Windows Mobile devices, upgrade to WM6.1 build & try again.

    good luck.
  • mjg2mjg2 Member Posts: 1
    I wanted to let anyone who tried importing their phone from a Blackberry device unsuccessfully that it SHOULD work but it will likely take multiple attempts. After doing some research on other message boards regarding the issue I found several owners who figured out that it likely takes 3-5 import attempts in a row before it finally goes through. Mine went through on the fifth try and all 75 contacts in my phone book on my Blackberry 8830 (Verizon) imported successfully.

    The owners on other message boards who got it to work after 4-5 attempts had different model Blackberrys AND different carriers, so I think with a little persistence you can get your Blackberry phone book imported. So nice to have!
  • fosterphx1fosterphx1 Member Posts: 12
    On four ocassions in 7,000 miles, I have pressed the HFL "on" button and the system emits a very loud static noise. No amount of button pressing turns it off. It eventually stops after 20 to 30 seconds. Anyone else experienced this?
  • sailor14sailor14 Member Posts: 1
    I have the new Accord with all the bells and whistles and what a let down! The cellular system can not do what a Ford Focus does these days - automatically synch a phonebook on ANY bluetooth phone, voice dial through the car using the phones voice recognition (Ford, BMW, Lexus, all do!) AND who in their right mind created a car that holds data you can not back-up? There is a CR reader, why not CR-RW- or a place for a chip in the dashboard? It has TWO phone books, the nav system and cellular, and they don't even synch!
    AND to add insult to injury they have a jack for your iPhone but again it is a BASIC audio in - no tunes synching (again a Ford basic) and no display on your dashboard for the tunes?
    I am ready to sell this new Honda despite its other upsides. The technology is simply archaic and embarrassing. Anything we can do to put some pressure on Honda to upgrade this technology to a reasonable interface?
  • henrychinaskihenrychinaski Member Posts: 12
    sorry it took me so long to get back. yeah, so i figured out that i'm an idiot, and that my phone had a separate ring option under the bluetooth menu (which seems like overkill to me, but whatever), so i just lengthened the ring time and now the number pops up right after the second ring.

    also, i'm curious ( i have not searched the forum yet so forgive me if this has already been talked about), but does anyone have an iphone and does it work with the honda bluetooth. again, i haven't looked into this at all, just wondering cuz i'm thinking about buying the new 3g iphone. take it easy everybody.
  • budhbudh Member Posts: 109
    I'm looking at purchasing a 2008 Honda Accord sedan EX-L with no navigation system. What options are there for adding to the vehicle bluetooth hands free cellphone use, especially if it can be wired to mute the car audio system when a call in incoming? Any good aftermarket or other products out there? I could get a GPS with bluetooth capability, but would like the audio system muted when calls are incoming.

    Bud H
  • asohasoh Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys quick question --

    Has anyone experienced (just got my Accord '08 couple weeks ago) either of these issues?

    1) When dialing out, call will not go through HFT (car speakers), but will instead make the call through the phone?

    2) Incoming call, same problem -- answer call, but instead of going through HFT, goes through the phone?

    This is annoying for obvious reasons -- wonder if this is a common, fixable glitch -- I would estimate this occurs 1 out of every 10 calls or so. Thanks!
  • weasel610weasel610 Member Posts: 1
    I was trying to set up bluetooth on my 2008 accord with navi and it keep asking do i want a code i said no,but it has an unknown security code for the phone that i set accidently .Does anybody know how to reset it?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    You should set the code at the time of bluetooth connectivity, I'd think. I know when I'm trying to connect to another bluetooth phone from my own phone, it asks the receiving phone to provide a code, then the sending phone to input that code, so that the right phones connect.

    I usually just do a "1-2-3-4" and tell the other person to do the same, and then we connect.

    Try something like this?
  • triad8791triad8791 Member Posts: 1
    I have an iPhone (non 3G) that I am currently using on my '08 Accord. The car is a coupe with the navigation option. My sales associate helped me set up the bluetooth option via voice commands the day I bought the car and later I imported my phone book.
    What is weird though is that I checked Honda's bluetooth website: and it said that the iPhone could not import its address book to the car. Try it anyway. I have no explanation on why it works when the site says it doesn't, maybe its a typo.
  • mslavonicmslavonic Member Posts: 5
    I just purchased a 2008 Honda Accord sedan EX-L with no navigation system. Since I wear hearing aids in both ears I wanted an in car bluetooth system. I opted to add Honda's bluetooth accessory after the deal. I got a great deal, and the dealership installed system in a half a day. I currently have T-mobile prepaid cell phone service, which is a great service for those who do not need constant access to a cell phone. After I got the bluetooth installed I went to the local T-Mobile store and worked with the sales representative and purchased a Samsung T429 cell phone. We went outside to the parking lot and he paired the demo phone to my Honda bluetooth system in less than 2 minutes. I took a new phone home, deleted the pairing the store rep setup, setup the new phone in less than 1 minute and called my wife from the drive way.

    The phone I purchased is not listed in the Honda bluetooth list of approved cell phones, but so far it is working great.

    Hope this helps
  • slingshot80slingshot80 Member Posts: 55
    Budh, How much did it cost? Does it come with any type of display as I assume the phone numbers do not show up on the screen. Does it have the capability of both responding to a person's name and also stating the phone number? I have the exact same car as you in Midnight Black.
  • mslavonicmslavonic Member Posts: 5
    The phone if free if you sign up for Prepaid phone service from T-mobile. I was up grading my phone so it cost me $99.99.

    The phone is a slider and has a large display. The caller appears in the display, and caller ID is a feature of the phone. It is also a camera phone.

    Go to the T-mobile web site and see the phone for yourself. link title
  • budhbudh Member Posts: 109
    I haven't found anything yet. I wasn't sure if you were referring to a GPS device or something else.

    Several Garmin GPS devices have bluetooth. I don't know Tom Tom well but am sure they do, also. Looks like $400+ for a GPS that has Bluetooth capability

    Bud H
  • samwatsonsamwatson Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 2008 Accord EX-L with no nav. I just called my local dealer (parts dept) and they told me the Honda Bluetooth hands free kit is not out yet.

    Can you give me the details on what you got installed? And, are you sure it's a Honda part, as opposed to an aftermarket kit?

    What's the part number(s), price, etc.? Where are you located - what dealership? Is it integrated with the car (mute radio, through the speakers, etc)?

    Thanks a lot for the help!
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