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2006 STS V8 AWD Reliability

jeffl3jeffl3 Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Cadillac
Looking to buy a new 2006 STS. The dealership still has two of them. One with 500 miles and the other with 200 miles. The MSRP was about $62K.

Do they still have them because there were some problems with the 2006 year? I am a German car owner, mostly VWs, but am considering an STS over a Passat as they are of similar interior size. The new STS with the same options (step down to the V6) is about 10K more list.

I drove the 2006 and was impressed, nice ride, not as "tight" as the VW and Audis but still very nice. We need a car for 4 adults under $45. We also looked at a Lexus GS350. I've seen several posts where they don't quite ride as fun/responsive as a German car.

My question here is around reliability. Are there issues with the 2006 or are owners happy with them? They started talks at $43K for the two cars they had. Maybe a response of how may miles you have vs problems.


  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Only reason I can think of for still having them is they are the type of dealer that don't know what the meaning of deal is, or they are some weird color combo. The V8 has been around forever so that can't be the problems and that is the second year for this model. I just wonder what kind of deal they will make. I would do some investigating on prices/what they are worth used and wouldn't pay a whole lot more. Also go to another dealer and see if they have any 07's left and what kind of deal on those.
  • jeffl3jeffl3 Posts: 3
    If the cast sticker was $64K and the first deal $43K to me it starts to look like a reasonable deal. The Edmunds site lists a dealer sold car to be about $40K with the same options, so if I could get an offer at $40K for someting with 200 miles I'm thinking this is a good deal.

    Two of the cars are white and one red. It looks to me like they got a good deal on year end stock and couldn't move them. The interest rate offered was 6.5 and no other deals through Cadillac is why I think they own them.

    They were fun to drive, one even had the heads up display. The only easy difference to see was no side grill, front grill, and steering wheel.
  • i am still driving my 2006 4W V8 for the 4th year now , with 40000 km , love it , love it , love it , they had problem with steering rack and replaced by warranty , sometimes the wheel pressure monituor check lights , but this is also a commot problem even with lexus - buy it and you wont regret
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