2008 Chevrolet Aveo Check Engine Light

buscemibuscemi Member Posts: 9
I bought a 2008 svm aveo5 with nothing in itdrove about 40 miles and turned around because the check engine light came on. I got to the dealer and shut off the car. they read the OBDII and there wasnt anything stored. I drove another 40 miles and the check engine light came on a gain. I went back to the dealer and left it running. They were able to get the code. It was a misfire in the the engine. the flashing engine light according to the manual from the car also states that this is the problem. anyone have simular experience at any mileage level?


  • ilaveoilaveo Member Posts: 26
    That stinks. Intermittent misfires are a pain to track down. It could be nearly anything. They should been able to narrow things down with the data the computer stored when it threw the code. I hope it's something as simple as a loose spark plug wire.
  • jketchhimjketchhim Member Posts: 3
    I bought mine in 2006 and don't drive a lot my check engine light has been coming on for about 1/2 of that. The dealer say its a misfire also but won't do anything he says it's bad gas. I have 3 other cars using same gas. I think thats bull. Any ideas on getting dealer to go to the next step
  • demoman1demoman1 Member Posts: 8
    Hey don't over look your gas cap. My 2007 sedan gas cap wasn't on tight and the light
    came on. Dealer hooked up code reader found out gas cap was loose. Gave it a few good turns everything aright now. Now that is a tight system.
  • sohjcsohjc Member Posts: 2
    i have a 2004 Aveo with occasional check engine light & had sent to the dealer many times for checking but problem still come back again & again.
    many things were done as claimed > change O2 cable, chg TCM, change ECM, chg sparkplugs...... but every 3mths or so, the MIL will pop up again.
    i get the same error codes always (P0300, P0700, P1702)
    trying to see what option i hv now as is beyond the 3 year period.
    :lemon: :lemon: ??
  • tokentigertokentiger Member Posts: 1
    I'm driving a 2005 with 53,000 trouble free miles and my check engine came on for the first time solid. Nothing noticeable in performance or a visual check under the hood. A quick bottle of STP Injector cleaner did the trick and the light was off before the day was done so possibly mine was just a marginal injector. I'll be due for the timing belt replacement soon but this is too early for a dealer reminder if that's programmed into the computer. Mileage is great and other than a few comon body squeaks it runs great. I'd sure try a bottle of injector cleaner for a quick possible cure.
  • ron1970ron1970 Member Posts: 26
    My 06 SVM check engine light came on also this weekend. I took it to Auto Zone and they plug it in (it's free BTW). Code P0138. O2 sensor before the cat conv. I went out and hit it with my screw driver. The sensor valve unstuck. BTW: The O2 sensor is a dealer only part. No more light.

  • poncho167poncho167 Member Posts: 1,178
    Also, something as simple as not having the gas cap on tight can give an engine light.
  • lostinwvalostinwva Member Posts: 1
    There is no reminder for the timimg belt .I have an 04 hit about 59000 and the belt went bad, car was running no noticiable problem until I went to restart it and it wouldn't start. $1500 later new belt ,2 valves,plus labor.
  • bayoubilly74bayoubilly74 Member Posts: 10
    I bought an 07 Aveo sedan LT new. From the start, I have noticed that the "check engine" light and the "parking brake" light come on with the rest of the "dummy" lights, however, these 2 stay on after the others go off. They stay on for maybe 3-4 minutes or so, then flicker out. Right away I took the car back to my dealer and explained the issue at least twice to the service department. When I went back later on that afternoon to get the car, they told me they "couldn't duplicate" the problem therefore they couldn't attempt to fix it. The service guy said they checked for the codes to see if anything popped up but nothing came of that either.

    This problem happens every morning when I first start the car. If I get to work and turn off the car, then maybe an hour later drive the car again, it won't happen. Basically it seems to occur when the car has been sitting for quite awhile, for example, by the end of the workday.

    I have never had any problems with the car at all, just the weird thing with the lights. The check engine light never comes on at any other time during driving.

    Any ideas on this? The dealership has been nice about it but seem to be clueless about helping resolve it.
  • jack191jack191 Member Posts: 1
    may i know which parts faulty
  • kdroxkdrox Member Posts: 1
    it could be spark plugs making it misfire and causing the light to come on. have it hooked up to get the code and look it up online your self before taking it to any machanic or dealer
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