Power Steering/Brake Problems

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We were backing up our trailer and turning the wheel pretty tight and a major amount of fluid came out, in turn caused the brakes and the power steering to stop working.


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    I have replaced the P.S. pump, Hydroboost, the Variable steering canceling kit. when i press the brakes it firms up the steering to almost impossible to move. makes a whining noise when hitting the stopps. fluid level is fine, any information will help.
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    hi i have a 2003 chevy sub 2500 4x4 at low speeds abs comes on right front wheel ,i have put on all four calipers and brake lines,and pads ,still dose it
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    Did you check the wheel sensors?
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    I've ran into similar problems twice on up armored humvees in Iraq.
    The first thing you may want to try if you haven't yet is bleeding the entire system. Especially after replacing components or a major hydraulic leak.
    The second time I ran into this problem it was caused by a electronic solenoid that was a valve to the fan that was also controlled by the PS system hydraulics.

    The whining is always indicative of air in the power steering pump.

    Hope it helps.
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    I just had a brake inspection done today at Firestone and they said I needed new drums. They told me I have 11" drums and the total would be about $540 for just the rear brakes. I was trying to look up how much the parts would be, but I'm not seeing anything like "11 inch" drums for my truck.
    All the drums are 13"x 2 1/2" and either a 9.5" or 10.5" ring gear or 5.1" or 3 3/8" drum width. What gives? Did the guy at Firestone have no idea what he was ordering? He even argued with the parts store on the phone in front of me.
    Its a 1990 2500 2wd with a 5.7 and turbo 400. I've looked on the rear diff but haven't seen an id tag anywhere. These were stamped into it though; CFD 9690 on the lower left flange of where the axle meets the pumpkin and GM2 on the opposite flange.

    Any help in lessening the confusion would be appreciated.
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    Can't you pull the drum, and measure it yourself? That would certainly be definitive, and remove all doubt. Would also allow you to see why they are suggesting that it be replaced. Did you think about just having them cut?
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