Audio Removal Instructions

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Hello ,
I need some help
I need to access the back of the audio on my 07 Santa Fe with XM. The instructions on suck!

first of all there is no central speaker where they say it is - I have a small box/compartment there instead - it's ok, the box comes off in a similar to speakers way - 2 screws - and now I can see the back of the radio but to take it off i'm stuck at the next step:
Remove the center facia panel (A) after loosening the screws.
(Refer to the Body group - Crash pad).
Loosening what screws? where are they? Refer to what? Where is that mistical body group - crash pad instruction?
Has anyone figured a way to do it ?
P.S. I'm installing a permanent in-line FM modulator that plugs in to the antena connector (this part I can do from the top, but I also need 12v to power the modulator and for that I need to connect to the radio harness.


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