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Why does the "AWD Lock" not stay on when driving my Nissan Murano?

mbonocorembonocore Member Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Nissan
So when I was in Lake Tahoe this weekend, the conditions were rather bad. Snowing, Ice and snow on the roads, etc. Chains were required on the highway we were on, so you know the conditions were bad. While driving my 2007 Nissan Murano, the "AWD LOCK" would constantly turn off, forcing me to pull over and turn it back on. I was going 15-20 mph at most. These were definatly NOT the conditions to not be in AWD.

I can understand why the "AWD LOCK" may turn off if you hit 50-60 mph, but why would it turn off at slower speeds in very harsh conditions? This even led to me sliding out and hitting a pickup truck with a tow hitch. This caused a huge dent on the driver side bumper by the fog light. Needless to say I am really ticked off.

So does anyone have any information as to why it would just turn off in harsh conditions? Has anyone else had this issue? Why would it be labeled "AWD LOCK" if it dosen't do what it says (LOCK)??? HELP!!!!


  • 2toyotas2toyotas Member Posts: 104
    The "AWD LOCK" splits power 50% to the front and 50% to the rear, but only works until 18 mph, and then turns off. After that AWD functions but most of the power goes to the front, until it senses slip. The situation you were in may have just been to much for that type of AWD system.
  • rovingeyerovingeye Member Posts: 13
    The user manual does state that when AWD Lock is switched on and the vehicle exceeds a stated velocity (RTFM) the vehicle will switch back to the computer controlled AWD!
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