Navigation disks for an 02 Aurora

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Anyone know what #disk and where Ican get them for the nav.systemin my 02 Aurora? Thanks in advance.- Don


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    send me an email
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    Hi, I recently purchased a 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora with the Navigation sysytem which I understand is very rare. One problem though, I found the cd broken in the owners manuel, and GM is telling me that it is no longer available, and that I could only use a 2002 model one if I find another. Any help?? My system is totaly useless without it, and I bought the car because of it, but forgot to check the owners manuel first before buying the car. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope GM is wrong with their answer. Tom
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    What state do you live in? The discs are sold according to region. They are not cheap, and to my knowledge, have never been updated since 2003, so the info on them (especially the POI's),is out of date. (Almost comical...) I have an '03 Final with Nav with the Northeast region. The number of your disc should be on it even if it is broken.

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    Hi Dave, Thanks again for your reply. I live in the Chicagoland area. Actually, 35 miles southwest of Chicago (outside Aurora). I do not have the number available with me (at library), but could get it if you need it. I was told their were two discs with each car. One for the area (Chicago), the other one, nationally. I was also told the 2001 and 2003 Aurora discs for navigation was not interchangeable with 2002. Is this true? Where do I find one? Edmunds? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your possible help. Tom
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    Hey Tom:
    I'll have to remember to bring in my disc set tomorrow to work, and I'll give you what I have. From what I understand so far in my research, yes, the nav system is fairly rare, and I'm pretty sure that '02 was the first year they offered it. The person I spoke to at GMnavdiscs told me they never updated the discs after '03 because they decided after that to go to DVD's instead. I would have to say that the '02's and '03's would likely be the same, as I find it hard to believe they would have made a design change for the remaining few that ordered it in '03. I have two discs, one covering the Northeast, and one covering the entire US Interstate system. Again, I'll try and bring the p/n in tomorrow, and we can work with that.

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    OK here is what I have. The Northeast is region 7, and the p/n for the disc is 25732171. If you look it up, the number supercedes..(I don't know if that means it is any more up to date in info than what I have). I also did not make note of the new number. Now if your dealer can't help you, I worked backwards, and because there are 9 regions, the beginning p/n for region 1 (I think..) should be 25732165. If you look this number up, is just says "disc" in it's description, and it too supercedes. So just keep going in p/n's to find the disc you need. These things aren't cheap..over $200.00 each! (You'd think GM would dump them at any cost considering they are so antiquated.) The nav system is a cool thing, however it's like the telegraph as compared to todays GPS that don't even need a disc!

    Let us know how you made out, and if you need any more info on what I have. I have a friend in a GM Caddy parts dept. if I need more info myself.

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    Tom..Sorry it took a while. Here is some more info.
    My Aurora came with a double CD case, in which are two CD's; one for US freeways, and one for MCA (Map Coverage Area) 7. revision 5.1. It's p/n is 25733246 for the set. So I just guessed by going down two part numbers at p/n 25733244 for your region 5 set. If you look it up on line, (I happened to use the website, which I think sells parts via your local GM dealer), the numbers come up described as "DISC" other info. I called a guy I know, and found unfortunately the disc set I THINK you need is discontinued as of April 2006, and he did not see any in the system. I would probably have another dealer run it again to make sure, but understand that I am making an educated guess on what really is Region 5.

    Now the only other idea I had for you is find out where your local GM dealer send the radios out for repair. Contact them and maybe with a little luck, they might have a disc for you. If you still need a call to clarify this, let me know. Good luck. Dave
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    Hi Guys, i really need some help here. My 03 aurora my 03 aurora feels really sluggish when i accelerate. what i notice is that the power come and goes intermittently. Well, i had a total fuel system cleaning along with changing the 8 sparks plug, air filter. but it still feels really sluggish when i accelerate from a stop. i have been thinking about changing the fuel filter. What is strange is that the first time that i change the plug, i had only put 4 in the front side of the engine and i had more power than before, But after i put the 4 left in the back, it's like the power vanished and i'm now confused and despair to not really enjoying these 250 hp and 265 ft of torque. it feels more like a driving a 2.0 or 1.8 4 cyl. Also, all of the sudden after hearing a noise from a cd player compartment, a cd that was in here got stuck and none of the button on the player are responding anymore...So if also someone know where to buy an affordable navigation unit for my o3 aurora would be greatly appreciated. :confuse:
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    Hi dmaddock,

    I am also looking for the Navigation disks for an 02 Aurora. I just bought the navigation system for Aurora as well. I am about to install but I am not sure if it will ask for the code. When you installed your Aurora's navigation did it ask for a code ?

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