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Ford comes out with a new truck & will not release horsepower numbers who are they kidding. Is this because Ford is still in last place in the horsepower wars. Comparsion below for most powerful engines in fullsize pickups.

Chevrolet Silverado 367hp 6.0 liter V-8
Dodge Ram 380hp 5.7 liter V-8
Ford F-150 300hp 5.4 liter V-8 2008
Gmc Sierra Denali 403hp 6.2 liter V-8
Nissan Titan 317hp 5.6 liter V-8
Toyota Tundra 381hp 5.7 liter V-8


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    I posted under another title asking what everyone thinks of the new styling. I'm not impressed with the front end. I was also hoping for a "Boss" under the hood.
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    In reality, The 2009 Model year is just a face lift for F-150. Truck Design Cycle is about 7-9 years, unless you have a lot of development money to change that. Ford is not in the financial situation to make a change so soon.
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    Stop making excuses for Ford they can put a new 6 speed automatic in there trucks, but can not come out with a new engine to be the most powerful in the segment.
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    Hmmm, having more HP hasn't helped Nissan or Dodge sell any trucks.

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    True, the new F is an evolution of the 2004 model, not a radical revolution but the 2004 model simply moved pickup truck comfort and smoothness one level higher than before and the new pickups from GM and Toyota were playing catch up in these dimensions.Since Ford has the largest market share all it needs to do is to prevent owners from switching to GM or Toyota on their next purchase. (I have yet to meet any truck owner that switched from Ford to Dodge or Nissan). This 2009 update is enough of a move to parity w/GM/Toyota on the most important features (and again, it is not horsepower). To get the lead, Ford will have to introduce a good half ton clean diesel engine. I doubt that many buyers, except urban commuters, will find a boosted V-6 appealing in this segment even with a fuel economy improvement.
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    Horsepower is not the most important element in the volume half ton truck segment. Practicality, car like smoothness, capability, style, reliability are all more important than power or fuel economy. The biggest customer segment consists of mature baby boomers purchasing trucks for personal/family use or business/fleet use. That's why Ford and GM have the most tasteful, conservative styling in this product segment, and the biggest market shares; and Dodge/Toyota/Nissan have edgier styling for the younger customer, and are competing for the new truck buyer.
    Anyone who pulls trailers on a regular basis knows that it is stability not horsepower that limits speed. Ford's idea of combining the electronics of roll control, traction control and brake control to manage trailer stability is the single best feature of this new F-150, and puts them one up on the others (at least temporarily).
    Ford's marketing is also spot on in coming up with new premium editions. Again, because the typical half ton buyer today has more income than people expect, it's not just penniless cowboys anymore. The half ton has also replaced the traditional large, rear drive Detroit sedan as the family vehicle of choice, hence the popularity of crew cabs. Crew cabs are also replacing large SUVs since they now offer as much comfort, more practicality and better towing.
    Too bad, Ford doesn't have its act together in cars as much as it has in trucks.
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    when Ford does it's remodel from head to toe as it did in '04, I'd advise avoiding the first model year unless they up the warranty antie.

    too many bugs came with the '04 imo
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    Heard Ford will delay the intro of the 09 F150 due to financial concerns. Does anyone know how long the delay will be and how the eventual release of the 09 will be affected?
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    Just 2 months as of now. They want the extra time to help clear existing inventory.

    However, the other announcement Ford made was a bit more telling... they have told their suppliers to stop work on the new 6.2L V8 that was due next year.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • markanmarkan Member Posts: 48
    Not good news. I guess Ford will have to live with the 5.4.

    In your opinion, does cancelling work on the new engine send the message that Ford is cutting back on pickup R and D or is this just a temporary slow down? I know pickup sales are down but for those of us that really need a pickup I hate to see Ford back off. The competition is fast approaching.
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    I would say stopping work on the 6.2 is a sign that Ford realizes the power race is over. That engine was a response to the GM 6.2, the revised Dodge 5.7, and the Toyota 5.7, all of which are within a few ponies of 400 to the 5.4's 300. Instead, the family buyer is returning to cars to save money on fuel, and the commercial buyer is more interested in durability than brute power and speed.

    I also think Ford will cut some of the trim levels of the 09 F150 - with a drastically smaller market, there's absolutely no need for three luxury trim levels (Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum) - those $50,000 luxury rigs don't have the buyers they did just a year ago. Same with sport models... pick the FX4 or the STX; both are not necessary.

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    I actually like the front styling better than GM's. But I hope GMC follows suit with the 6-speed transmission since they already have plenty horsepower, E85 capability and the best fuel economy in its class with the Active Engine Management System. Plus their brakes last about 100,000 miles as they did on my Silverado. Unlike F-150's 20,000 miles, according to F-150 owners. In addition, GMC is coming out this Fall with a Hybrid version with a 6-speed/ CVT combo tranny.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    I would agree, for too long the auto and truck industry has experienced one upmanship in the race for horsepower.

    If someone really needs a 6 litre truck they can alway go with the 250 or 350 or 450 or catapiller - it's too bad no one has come up with a decent balance between gas milege and power -
  • sirrafsirraf Member Posts: 55
    Will the new F-150 have the Blue Tooth? Since several states now prohibit the use of cell phones unless you have a hands free connection Blue Tooth or similar device will become a necessity,
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    why would you look for the truck to incoporate Bluetooth as opposed to buying it third party? Buying your bluetooth earpiece yourself means you have many more choices at less cost. Kind of like when getting navagation buit into your car only less complex imo.
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    2009 Ford F-150 will offer Sync. Comparing Sync with an ear piece is like comparing GW Bush to Abe Lincoln....
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    A just can't believe how little info is out there concerning the new F-150. Neither Edmund's nor Ford's website has much. I keep hoping that Ford will offer the 7700 payload package or something similar in more models for 09. The advertising touts increased payload but I have not seen any specifics on any available packages. Has anyone seen anything? Thanks.
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    I was disappointed in the review.

    First of all, why did they review a 4.2? Secondly, it really seemed like they were reviewing it more like a car (MPH, MPG, etc) than like a truck. I've probably read a dozen reviews of the currently 2009 line up of trucks reviewing them AS trucks - towing, offroad, loaded capacity, etc - any everyone said the F-150 was the best.

    Oh well, luckily I consider multiple reviews and not just one source.
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    Has anyone gotten any infoe on the new 3.6L diesel?

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