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Nissan Xterra Manual Transmission Problems



  • Hey please pass any insight about these clutchs to me, my trannys apart at the dealer, this will be my 5th clutch in an '06 xterra, nissan covered first three, told me the last was my fault even though it exploded with only a couple hundred miles on it, the tech now had to clean the hairlike threads still inside the tranny from the previous clutch, i did get 37,000 miles of great performance on last, but it cost me 3000 and im pissed this keeps happenin'. also, its not me that is the reason for the clutchs blowing..this last one was pretty worn, so nissans not gonna cover, which opened up my ability to go aftermarket instead of factory so nissan could reimburse me with a fight, that was original plan, but i can go JWT and get the clutch and flywheel for a couple hundred cheaper than factory. Also theres a NISMO option for around the same price. SO my trucks apart at a new much less corrupt dealership, and ive gotta make the call of what parts to put on her....any insight would be greatly appreciated! sincerely, James Matheson (
  • tincanman,
    How do you feel about the Jim Wolf clutch at this point? Did you make the right choice? Couple more questions. What model clutch did you install and did you have to foot the whole bill or did Nissan pick up any of the cost?

    Thanks for any info.
  • Sorry, I haven't looked at the blog for a great while. As far as the jtw clutch and flywheel, I have only about 5,000 miles on it so far. It is touchy. I wish I could fast forward 40,000 miles and give you a decent heads up as far as durability but we will see. I have pretty much mastered it and it has been performing fairly well. It performed well off road. Let's put it this way. I am satisfied providing it last 80,000 miles or more. You know, I wonder if this is even a truck engine in my frontier. It revs so fast. The truck weighs 4,400 pounds. It aint a sports car but it kind of has a sports car engine. A 2,800 pound sports car might pair much better with Nissan's cheesy [non-permissible content removed] clutch. You might get 45,000 miles out of it. Whoopey. All and all, this is a corporation that has gone to the dogs. It is a shame on the Japanese people. You know their fearless leader has slashed and burned their R&D department.
  • yo, my trans is apart right now at the dealership, trying to decide what exactly im gonna do, factory clutch flywheel for around 1035$, JIM WOLFE TECHNOLOGIES has got a high performance clutch flywheel for 935$, and NISMO also has high end cluctch/flywheel for around 8-9$, search for "NISMO clutch"
  • gfg1gfg1 Posts: 1
    I just received a safety recall notice for my 2008 Xterra, NOT for their faulty clutch but for a bad fuel tank sender float arm which can cause the fuel gauge to indicate 1/4 of a tank on 06 and 08 Xterras when the tank is actually empty. According to Nissan, "If this were to occur on your vehicle, the vehicle could stall, which could create an unsafe condition which could result in a crash".
    It is obvious to me that many of the premature clutch failures described on this site, and mine, occurred suddenly and without warning and could create a similar unsafe condition which could result in a crash as Nissan described in the fuel gauge safety recall. If the clutch suddenly fails on a freeway or on a narrow country road without a safe pull-off space, this is clearly a major safety condition. I feel Nissan is purposely ignoring taking ownership for their clearly faulty clutch design on 6-speed Xterras and Frontiers, maybe because their parent Renault is having financial difficulties, or as we are seeing with Toyota, the Japanese car companies (except for Honda?) are no longer of the mindset that quality and the customer are the priority.
    Whatever the reason I feel I paid a lot of money unknowingly for an unreliable 08 Xterra that currently I cannot take on any trips since I am approaching 40k miles and expect the clutch to fail again at any time. I am very ready to join a class action lawsuit, and really hope someone such as yourself has the contacts to get something going.
    I noticed that for the 2010 Xterra base X model the 6 speed is standard, and still optional for the S, Off Road, and SE models, so Nissan continues to ship 6-speed Xterras and presumably Frontiers with the fragile and unreliable 350Z-based clutch that was designed for a lightweight sports car.
  • lchiltonlchilton Posts: 1
    i bought my 350 Z (2005) used. It only has 50K miles on it and the clutch, drive belts, flywheel, and bearing (sp?) all need to be replaced. The dealer is quoting me $3300. I am very interested in suing/joining a class action. I would also very much like any other reports/lawsuit records that anyone has access to. My mother is a lawyer and is going to help me with this so I want to start gathering as much info on other bad clutches as possible.

  • ruckuzruckuz Posts: 2
    Just bought my first Nissan... A 2010 X-Terra Off-Road.. manual transmission.
    My clutch died after ONLY 6000 km!! The dealer doesn't want to cover it!
    I've been driving a 2000 civic manual for the past 10yrs without ever having a clutch problem so I have serious reasons to believe it has nothing to do with my driving!

    I'm up for a collective lawsuit!
  • Sorry to hear that Nissan has had this problem since '06 and not only won't admit they have a problem but that they haven't done anything to solve the problem. My '06 Xterra is the third Nissan I've owned and it will be the last. :lemon:

    They obviously don't care about satisfied customers, and they also don't care about product quality.
  • I'm in. Are you in Canada?
    Keep e-mailing me with your strories. I am not finished with these clowns.
  • Correct me if I am wrong, but in order to redesign a heavier duty transmission for the X impacts everything else around it from a space perpective. The only way to get improved performance for the same design is to use higher performance materials to occupy the same volume. Higher performance for the same effective volume brings a cost penalty over and above the increase in duty. What Nissan doesn't want, is to be the next Toyota because the systematic annilation in the US is mostly politics. Nissan do make good cars but they screwed up. It is only human. However, their treatment of people in the handling of this is disgusting. I get quite a few e-mails from people that ask me if they should buy one??? Sure if you can afford to pay $2500 CAD a pop on some underdetermined frequency. I'm going for these clowns in Canada - anyone else want to join or tandem what we do in the US?
  • ruckuzruckuz Posts: 2
    yes I'm from Canada (province of Quebec)
  • We have created a facebook group entitled "I have a Nissan Xterra with a bad clutch". We thought it would be a good way to collect everyone who is involved in this mess and keep everyone up to date about any strides made against Nissan USA or Canada. We can also post pictures and have discussions. Please join so that we can begin to build strength in numbers. -Karen
  • agatkaagatka Posts: 4
    ok the dealer replaced the clutch and flywheel and all the other clutch parts with new OEM parts so we will see how many miles i get this time before it brakes down again. It is mid April and car is stil rolling. I have 2 more yrs before the powertrain warranty expires and dealer menager said that it will be cover and replaced if it brakes down bore that. Hope I won't have to prove with the edmunds xterra forum print outs that I am not the only one with this problem in my car. My gas sensor was also replaced while they work on my so far I am glad with Anchorage, Alaska Nissan dealership.
  • Hey guys,

    let me join your club:(
    I am now at 65k km(40k miles) and also started having the "loss of power".The clutch is slippage is becoming worse and worse and now i am afraid to travel long distances. I had my mechanic look at it and sure enough he stated exactly what a few others said about the clutch being undersized for the truck this size/power. He also said it is the clutch that is going to kingdom.... I've contacted two Nissan dealers so far and both said this is a wear and tear issue and will not be covered under warranty. I am too much in love with the car but feel like I've been literally violated by Nissan after switching from Toyota (which is a 1992 vehicle and clutch is solid). So unfortunate. I am going to try the rough route that others have tried - pressuring teh dealership, and then the Nissan Canada and so forth. I hope something can be done to resolve what appears to be an ongoing issue.
  • stickman409stickman409 Posts: 16
    Unfortunately, no one at Nissan cares about customer safety or satisfaction or about product integrity. This problem has existed for 5 production years ant they still have no desire to solve THEIR problem. They find it easier to blame the consumer. I've had three Nissans. This will be my last as I won't deal with a company that treats it's customers so shoddily.
  • stickman409stickman409 Posts: 16
    Don't know how many of you tried this but I just left a message at NissanUSA.
    Go to this site and let them know how you feel about their lack of customer care and product quality.
  • ktsteven3ktsteven3 Posts: 6
    Altramarine and others: Make sure you file a complaint at and your BBB as well as Nissan Consumer Affairs. The more of these that they have reported, the better case we have. And the dealership may change their mind about reimbursal with some pressure from the BBB coming down on them.
  • I will file the complain alright.

    I just called Nissan Canada and described the problem. The lady on the phone told me that there are no such cases reported on file and that the warranty does not cover that. So there, they refuse to even attempt at acknowledge this problem. I for one am pissed.
  • Just_PeachyJust_Peachy Posts: 17
    Thanks to whoever mentioned JIM WOLF Technologies. Clark spent a lot of time on the phone with me. I learned loads about clutches. These guys are serious petrol heads. The clutch cavity can fit a 275mm clutch yet only a 260mm was fitted. Doing some math, that small increase in diameter has a massive effect on longevity. For the non-techies, the difference in time between toast and burnt toast is a few seconds yet the change is huge. Once that clutch hits that magic temperature for a few seconds it's terminal. JWT use higher performing materials in the clutches they build. I would buy a JWT in a heartbeat, my dealer would even fit it for me, the warranty would be with JWT not Nissan. Make sure Nissan REFUSE to do the work under warranty, then buy a JWT and then pursue Nissan for the cost. My next stop is the Canadian automotive arbitration groups. More info contact me at
  • Just_PeachyJust_Peachy Posts: 17
    They have MY case on file, I sent them over 70 pages detailing people that contacted me or posted on this forum probably around a 100 clutches on the second gen X - ZERO on the first generation. Those lying @#$%^#&;%$.

    Now I am really $#%&*^% off !!

    Contact me please,
  • ktsteven3ktsteven3 Posts: 6
    They have our cases on file. The thing is, when you are filing your initial complaint with Nissan and dealing with the pencil pusher in Nissan Consumer Affairs, they are merely collecting your side of the story and then asking the mechanics at your dealership what their professional opinions are. Obviously, if you were denied any reimbursement initially, you are going to get nowhere with consumer affairs because they are not trained mechanics and simply regurgitate that which the dealership mechanics say. My consumer affairs agent acknowledged that they do not investigate other cases and do not have access to that data; they are only concerned with your specific case. I quote "that is someone else's job". I don't know how to get in contact with that someone else but I am hoping that once the Nissan legal department is drawn into the case that they will be forced to begin to look at the total numbers and stop operating in vacuum. We shall see...
  • Looking at the forum, it exhibits a large concentration of complaints pertaining to the same issue. However, considering that there are thousands of Xterra out there that have been sold and have not had this problem, it might also be a factor for Nissan to disregard our calls. I mean say for example there are 20000(example) Xterra vehicles in North America and only 100 posts on this forum, that’s a small fraction which is easy to overlook. It might take a bit more than that to have fellas at Nissan take customer affairs seriously. As much as I hate it, it holds true to any large corporation out there. Either way, they are losing customers.

    On the other note, I called Jim Wolf Technology and probably will be ordering the new clutch + flywheel. Screw the OEM parts, waste of breath. I need a vehicle that’s not going to quit on me half way on a highway.
  • Has anyone had success with the Jim WOlf Technology cluch,flywheel? Just curious. I wonder whether they will last longer than the OEM Nissan part.
  • pietroantpietroant Posts: 3
    Re: JWT [altramarine] Nissan may have manufactured thousands of Xterras but how many were manual transmissions. This is the sample figure I urged Nissan Consumer Affairs to look at. There are even those who repaired their vehicles outside of the dealer service network for cost savings and therefore no record on those. Even so, we have a legitimate and worthy battle.
  • 2006 nissan Xterra's clutch went out after 45,000 miles. Cost me $1500. This morning...I found out it is going to cost me an additional $700 to fix the faulty fuel gauge...a part that is under recall for other xterra's, but not mine.

    If anyone has any good advice, please reply, or e-mail me at


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    e-mail me at ...

    Let's keep the discussion right here so everyone will benefit. To do otherwise tends to defeat the purpose of a Forum.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Just_PeachyJust_Peachy Posts: 17
    Not true. I worked in automotive dvelopment and industrialisation. We dealt in defects in parts per million not per 1000. Also consider, how many people have just assumed it's them and have never even researched. I have people contact my e-mail but don't blog. How many others read up but don't log their own stories? We are often culturally insular and apathetic. Xterra drivers because of 4x4 enthusiam are more vocal. Also remember n.America is an auto transmission culture so effects less vehicles. Nissan have told you there have been no other cases - That is a lie!!. Do you not think there database is alittle better than our blog? They know. It is unacceptable. I am not finished with Nissan.
  • tincanmantincanman Posts: 8
    I know in my heart that there is a clutch-flywheel-etc configuration that will dial in the powerful drive train in the nissan exterra and frontier. Once a few of us find it we will have "Improvised, Adapted and Overcome" the corporately weakened nissan products. I feel that I have gotten more than half way there with the Jim Wolf Tech solid flywheel and clutch plate. Somebody out there is a smart tech-mechanic who has the know how to solve this. I can almost guarantee that Nissan harbors far too much contempt for us consumers, (and I mean that literally), to spend any assets or time solving this problem. I say, We do it!
  • phin13phin13 Posts: 7
    No reason to reiterate all that's been said - but I have NEVER replaced a clutch at 47K and have been driving manual transmission for 20+ years. Dealer says "normal wear & tear" isn't covered under warranty. SPending of $1000 right now to get it fixed. Total crap!
  • phin13phin13 Posts: 7
    edited June 2010
    Ok - It cannot be a coincidence that both of us had the clutch problem AND the faulty fuel gauge thing at the same time! The clutch started slipping first and then the fuel gauge quit registering when I filled the tank - took 2 days to fill up...I was at 46100K. Spooky.

    Not sure why it didn't quote your original post - but whatever - you get the idea. I am showing up at the dealer tomorrow with 7 pages of posts from this site!
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