Pilot Fuse Problem with Cell Phone Chargers

frisbearfrisbear Member Posts: 2
For my new 2007 Pilot, I am on my 4th or 5th set of radio or ACC/Cigarette lighter fuses because my Verizon car phone charger shorts out those fuses as soon as I plug it in. (Sometimes the radio fuse blows, other times it is the ACC/Cigarette Lighter Fuse) This same charger is not a problem in my 03 Odessey or in my 96 Accord. When I call my local dealership they say that other people have had similar complaints but they say it is a Verizon issue.

Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have any suggesstions? Thanks


  • kmcweniekmcwenie Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Pilot, and never had this problem until recently, and now it's happened twice in the same month. However, it's my iPod adapter that causes the problem, and it's my stereo fuse that has blown both times. So it's more than a Verizon issue.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    I use a Samsung phone and charger on our 06 Pilot and so far no problem. The charger is always plugged into the socket.
  • solosolo Member Posts: 48
    No problems yet with my 04 cig lighter, but it has been sooooo frustrating to have it only turn on when the key is on! I can;t tell you how often I had to run the car or just leave the key on to charge some small trickle device. My many other cars and trucks could charge (if left on inadvertently) for a week. My dealer says Honda feels Its battery/alternator is too weak. Another suggestion for the 2009 that I plan to get.
  • kapmankapman Member Posts: 1
    I got a new cell phone charger yesterday. On my first attempt to charge my phone, the fuse for the stereo along with the chargers blew. I have a Honda Pilot 2006.
  • todd91942todd91942 Member Posts: 1
    my wife plugged in my mother in-law's cell phone charger and the stereo and nav system went out and do not work. I've replaced the Radio fuse under the hood and the #8 fuse under the dash and still nothing. We have a 2006 Honda Pilot. Is this what happened to you guys also?
  • erogers622erogers622 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same issue with the Nav system & stereo, the fuse that i found that was blow was on the front passenger side of the car down by your feet area, there is a small panel with a few fuses, I believe it is the 8th fuse in that panel that is for the stereo/Nav/power outlet. My car is 2003 so not sure if the same fuse as your year. Good luck, it took my about an hour to figure out that there was a panel down there.
  • gmapesgmapes Member Posts: 1
    My generic phone charger just blew the fuse for the radio and navigation in my 07 Pilot. According to the dealership, this is a classic problem. If the power outlet can't handle a phone charger, something is wrong. Just my take, Honda should do a recall.
  • rmahmoodirmahmoodi Member Posts: 1
    My 2004 Pilot CD stopped working a while ago. Now, every once in a while, the Radio goes out for 1-2 seconds, preceded by a audible 'thump' from the back speakers, and accompanies by two lights that light up in the dash ( break light and the SRS light come on ) ... then after 1-2 seconds, the radio resumes operations and the lights go off !! This happens every few minutes ( no specific time ) .... and sometimes it does not happen for a while.
    The dealer tested the car and could not find anything.
    Any ideas what may be going on ????
    btw, the Dash , around the Radio, has always had vibration sound, as if something is not quite fastened in there !
  • lipsettlipsett Member Posts: 1
    Was surprised to read all the complaints about this subject when this happened to me but was really glad to find the fuse in question was easily assess-able to change. Its fuse 9 passenger side fuse box. {top row, fuse closest to hood}
  • cityslicker2cityslicker2 Member Posts: 4

    2006 Honda Pilot: - Radio and power outlets failed.

    • What I found was a blown fuse in the fuse box under the dash on the passenger's side. It was a 15 amp fuse in the #9 slot, top row all the way to the front, labeled (Front Accessory Socket / Radio). New fuse is in, all is well.
      The passenger side fuse box should be under the dash on the passenger side just to the right of the passengers feet. I suspect the fuse in the passenger side underdash fuse box is the one you are looking for.

    Fuses associated with the front power outlets are Fuse #9 in the passenger side underdash fuse box and Fuse #54 in the main underhood fuse box.

    Both of those fuses also affect the radio.

    For the rear power outlet it is fuse #6 in the auxiliary underhood fusebox.

    The main underhood fusebox is probably the one you already checked on the passenger side under the hood.

    The auxiliary fusebox is on the drivers side under the hood next to the battery.

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