Solstice review - unfair?

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I purchased an '08 Pontiac Solstice. I read the reviews here at Edmunds before my purchase. As a previous Mazda owner, I have to say I can't agree with the review. My Sol' is far superior to the Miata. When it comes to refinements, my Sol' has a surprisingly roomy seating setup. And it sticks like glue to the road. And when you compare prices, not even fair!!

It's interesting to point out that the most common trade-in for the Sol' is the MIATA!! That's real-world voting.

I'm disappointed in the review on Edmunds. I hope it's not a financial thing.


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    Amen Charley!!! After reading the edmunds reviews we headed over to see this amazing Miata, king of the sports cars!!!! Where can I start? The Solstice is bigger inside, not smaller! either car is fairley stingey in their use of Italian leather and hardwood...
    In the Pontiac I't's called cheap plastic and in the Miata It's called minamilistic. But you know It's a lot better looking in the Solstice.... The Miata looks like a bar of soap with on end shaved down??? Incredible design? I think if 10 people looked at both cars 9 would buy the Solstice and the tenth probably owns a Miata dealer.
    177hp wow! We rode the miata!!! Very small feeling and very close with
    the top up. I'm 6'2''.. A lot closer than the Solstice. After taking the Miata for a spin including the thruway we could not believe the comparison you folks at Edmunds printed. BUT Your Right! It's got a bigger trunk!!! Which is what we all buy sports cars for. That top on the pontiac is just too complicated??? Duhh! If that top is too complicated then I hope you didn't test drive the standard trans on the Solstice, You would never figure out how to shift and clutch with all those gears.......
    Up till now we have pretty much taken your reviews for granted but after this one
    we will take your reviews with a grain of salt. All said and done I bought my wife a Solstice GXP and after 5,000 mi we both must say that it is without a doubt the most fun car we have ever owned. IT's silver or in Solstice talk IT's called Cool,
    gets 31 mi per gallon on a trip and is the smoothest turbo we have ever driven. Absolutely no lag and has the acceleration of a small rocket. Since we have owned an Austin Healy 3000 getting out to put the top up is just another chance to admire this little honey. Since we live in Connecticut the car is snuggled up in the garage till April. My wife and I can't wait.....
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    glad you are enjoying your solstices....have had ours for over two years now and love it...come on over and check out the national organization at
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    I'd rather sit in my driveway, in my Solstice GXP, than drive a Miata! Anyone who says that the top on this car is difficult to put up and down, should drive a 4 door sedan. I can do it in a minute, or less, everytime. Some so called expert said to bring tools! What a maroon. Obviously never drove any of the old roadsters, with side curtains. I have even timed other Solstice owners, with top raising. And, they all say this is a bunch of nonsense. What have you so called car experts become, a bunch of girls! Well, that explains your love affair with Miata. The cup holders, well, I don't want anyone slopping coffee in my car anyway. I get anywhere from 32-35 mpg, with great performance. Shifting, no problems, with the 5 speed stick. I think you girls have been driving automatics too much. eddierapido.
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