Comparison - Mitsubishi Evo GSR vs. Mitsubishi Evo MR vs. Subaru WRX STI

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For decades, General Motors has teased the motoring world with a midengine Corvette, and for years the pushrod faithful have nervously awaited the day when their beloved goes off in this radically different direction.

Comparison Test: Mitsubishi Evo GSR vs. Mitsubishi Evo MR vs. Subaru WRX STI


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    Considering how much weight and "maturity" both the Evo and STI have gained, I'm very impressed with how well they both performed at the drag strip and especially on the Streets of Willow. The fact that the IX MR was barely quicker only proves how much development went into the new cars to keep them at their awesome levels of performance.

    A tenth here and there are not enough to bash either the Mitsubishi or the Subaru.

    Let's hear it for two companies who still "get it."
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    Since these comparisons started, the differences have been rather small and could come down to just personal preference. For me, I've always leaned to the Subarus, but, you'd think that by now Subaru might have made a commitment to be on top rather than on the bottom for a change. It can't be good to always be on the bottom, when costing more. It wouldn't be so bad if the extra cost garnered the win. With that said I'm still leaning towards the Subaru.
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    In my area (NE Ohio) the Subie dealer seems to think that an "opportunity" to check out an STi is equivalent to hanging with the pope. Both cars seem to be impressive and I expect to check 'em out at the Cleveland Car Show next month. The Subie gets points for the six speed manual and hatch utility. The Evo gets a minus from me for offering the MR only with the TC-SST, which might be great or might be problematic... it's a lot of complexity when a manual would get the job done and cost less as well... and this makes the GSR seem more appealing.

    But both cars get a minus in the EPA ratings. Sure, they are performance machines, but tight oil supplies and energy market price volatility have become factors for me. Later this year we should see some interesting diesels hitting our shores that may offer a nice blend of energy efficiency and performance, such as the Audi 3.0 liter TDI.
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    After tooling around in my brothers albeit older high end Mercedes diesel, I doubt that I would find that option the least bit appealing.
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    Perhaps... but I have "read" some pretty good reports on some of the new gen diesels. I have a friend that had a Passat diesel (not sure of the displacement) and the whole package was nice indeed. Got amazing gas mileage. In the UK there's an Audi A5/S5 forum and the TDI owners seem to really like the 3 liter diesel. The A5 diesel gets performance that's closer to the S5 than the A5 with the 3.2 liter engine and easily manages 35 mpg. Some of the gas mileage reports of the Subie flat four and the Mitsu 4b11 are down right nasty. OTOH there's a gal that I know has an '06 Evo MR and she's reporting that she's getting around 25 mpg with "good" behavior.
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    Just experienced the new Evo X at Carriage Mitsubishi in Murrieta, and I love it! Pix don't do it justice at all, the car looks fantastic especially in white with the air vents in the hood and fenders, and the front-end's enough to give anyone looking in their rear-view mirror a fright. Can't believe these morons nit-picking at the performance stats, the upgrades over the IX make the car a helluva lot more enjoyable especially as a daily driver. And why criticize the gas mileage? Do you want a performance genius or an econobox? Even at $40,000 this car's more fun for the buck than anything else on the road. :surprise:
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    Just brought it home.
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    Congrats! I am sure you will take it easy at first to wear her in properly, but how did she feel going home? What add ons did you get? How much for everything? Details man...details!

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    Okay... Just got back in.

    120 miles on the clock now. ( I took delivery at 3pm with 8 miles)

    What a car!!! I got the GSR with the Sight and Sound package. Truth is that I ordered an MR with the Technology Package, but based on gossip and rumour, I think they won't hit the dealers until summer, and I couldn't wait.

    The other PIO was the aluminum shift knob and the six disk punch radio.

    $40,000 out the door. I paid full sticker ($36k), plus around $200 in dealer nonsense. Plates and taxes added $4,000.

    First an confession.... I haven't driven a stick in 20 years. My last stick was an Audi Fox GTi. I am a big, 40yo, 270lb guy who's daily driver is an Escalade ESV! This is quite the change for me.

    The car is refined. I had no problem re-learning the manual, and this clutch/gear setup is about 1000x cleaner and smoother than I recall the Audi.

    I didn't do any severe starts, so I can't tell you about launching...But when you are in gear (3rd, 4th, and 5th) the car pulls from 2,000 rpm to 5,000 rpm with no effort. It is like taking off in a 747.

    The brakes are twitchy to me...but remember, I am comparing to my Escalade.

    I test drove a VW Eon and was turned off by the tick tick engine sound I attributed to the turbo.....Well, the Evo X GSR has no tick tick sound. It sounds a lot more substantial than I thought a 4 cyl could.

    I picked the EVO for my midlife crisis car over a Z06, or a Porsche because I have 3 little kids, and whatever void the car is supposed to fill, I am pretty sure I want my kids there.

    A couple of surprises/disappointments.
    - No boost guage... I guess I buy one later? I don't see how to add it to the A pillar, there is an airbag in there.
    - I have the fastkey deal. No complaints...I just forgot to mention it earlier.
    - The GSR has on or off for the headlights...No Auto sensor...I know that is small potatoes, but I got used to never having to consider the lights from my most recent cars.
    - I haven't a freaken clue about the S-AWS, etc..... There is some kind of visual thing in the middle of the dashboard which shows when the Yaw Control, Center Diff, Front or Rear Diff, or ABS or other gizmo's are working, but you really have to thrash the car to trigger them. The display looks kind of like a circle with a skid pad. Bars cover and uncover parts of the circle real time as the system is "helping" you not kill yourself.
    - biggest gripe is that I didn't get the bluetooth communication package. That isn't the car's is mine. Turns out that you really aren't supposed to 1) Drive a stick, 2) Drink a Starbucks and 3) talk on the cellphone at the same time. I stalled in the middle of an intersection on a left turn 'cause my boss called me.

    Maybe I should have waited for the MR? Nah... I really like the car a lot so far. Kind of a "Grin Therapy."

    My dealer told me I got Evo #2 in the State.. and that some outfit called Vision bought #1 to do R&D. He refered to me as the first civilian owner of an Evo X around here. Whatever.

    As for the break in period, the book says 300-600 miles, keep below 5,000. Since I am used to the 6.2l in my Escalade, the idea of going over 3,500 is weird to me. I gotta learn to drive again!

    No add ons or anything aftermarket.......yet. I have already talked to a guy with an Evo 9, and he said I need to get a turbo timer and a few other things. He did a manifold-back exhaust with a test pipe and an o2 spacer on his. He is really happy with the results. I am not sure that the increased HP from such a mod would make too much difference for me as I am a pretty wimpy driver with it so far.

    I will probably leave it mechanically stock.

    The MR I ordered will eventually come in. I ordered a "fully loaded, every option, SST" one...whatever that is. I might trade out when it comes later this year. Lets see where this goes.
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    "Maybe I should have waited for the MR? Nah... I really like the car a lot so far. Kind of a "Grin Therapy." "

    While the TC-SST might be a technical marvel, you may have saved yourself some future grief. If the transmission requires servicing, it has to be pulled and sent to Mitsu NA for "evaluation". Other than seals, oil, and filter, the transmission is "non-serviceable and must be replaced as a unit". Now in fact the transmission may prove to be rock-solid but that's a bet that I wouldn't want to make.

    Good luck with your Evo. I'm kinda in the market for one but just wish the gas mileage didn't suck so badly. I study energy markets (and use 'em to supplement my income) and the mid term to long term outlook suggests that cars like the Evo are nearing their "evolutionary" end.
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    You should go over to some time and talk with us there. A whole bunch of guys into anything from moding to helping fix stock issues is there and we are all pretty cool for the most part.

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    Car and Driver, Motor Trend and Road &Track all prefered (and in all cases, not by a small margin) the EVO X over the '08 STI. One magazine even prefered the VW R32! That the STI is the most expensive, leads me to believe that Subaru better get back to the drawing baord and fast! As for me, being the only 5 door in the bunch, the STI is the only one worth considerating anyway, that and being a bit of a Suabru loyalist. Even so, Subaru needs to get cracking.
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    Just read another comparison: #1 Mitsubishi
    #2 BMW
    #3 VW
    #4 Subaru
    Another last place finish. I still prefer the STi to the others due to the 5 door practicality.
    Another publication is projecting that the upcoming Lancer Raliart to be superior to the WRX. It appears as though Subaru's plans of diluting the performance of the latest sporty Impreza lines for greater mass appeal has the auto press negatively reversing their previous enthusiasm for the WRX and STi.
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    I've heard from a good source that the '09 WRX has been "enhanced" in some critical areas. :)

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    I hope it's enough. Ha, I hope it's more than enough!
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    Do the authors of the article read this?

    I was wondering if there was more to say in regards to these being the first USDM evos to have the famed active yaw control - and more of how the new X's felt in comparison to the IX MR in corners without the ayc.

    Sidenote, I own a IX GSR and I actually LOVE the current gen hatch STI, though I am slightly disappointed in its lack of rear legroom (33.x) compared to even the X's (36.x)?
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    You know as I'm posting this I realize that this forum is really old... anyway I did have a comparison video about the two on my site Evo Mitsubishi well I didn't do the video I got it from Top Gear. It's a little different and I think a little better Mitsubishi Mr Evo comparison video
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    The Evo's seats were too narrow for me to fit into comfortably. I'm built like a linebacker and I found the evo to be rather uncomfy. It's interior is dull and not a place I'd want to spend much time. It had a decent throw on the stick and a nice stereo system, but I felt it had too many comprimises for my lifestyle. it has no pass through for skis and the seats don't fold flat, It's bland on the inside, the better models only have the paddle gear box, and it's ugly as sin! It is more cost effective than the subbie.

    The STI fit me well and was much more comfortable. Maybe the guys who write reviews only care about supreme performance and don't factor in other elements into a car as much such as comfort. The various reviews of the Evo always beating the STI put me off, but the subaru, to me at least, is a better car. It feels faster and is more fun to drive. The interior, while not superb, is also better than the Mitsubishi. The new 2011 models feel much tighter and better balanced than the outgoing 2010's. The wagon offers great versatility and is great for me and all the adventure sports I'm into and gear I have to haul.

    The Evo is better priced, however it is ugly and uncomfortable.

    The STI cost more, gives you less, lets you haul more and is much easier to live with.

    Performance is about the same.

    I'm saving up for an STI ;)
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