Toyota Tundra 4x4 System Questions

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I have a 2003 4x4 with a V6. Recently I was in an accident and the front drivers side wheel was pushed back 6". It busted the control arm, tie rod and some other parts. My 4 wheel high and low does not engage and the insurance company for the other driver is telling me it might not be related to the accident. Does anyone know for sure?


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    Does the 4X4 light flash on and off? My 02 did this and the actuator had to be replaced.This is a $400 repair at your friendly dealer. I had originally got mine to work for a while by tapping on the actuator. This apparantly freed it up for a day or two. Don't give up on the insurance company and don't pay a dealer to fix it if it is only the actuator.I wish that I had put it on myself to save more than a few bucks.The shop that fixed your truck should have checked everything out before they returned the truck to you. I say to tell them that your neck hurts if they refuse to pay. Just kidding! I am sure that someone will let me now if I am spelling actuator incorrectly. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the feedback. The insurance company told this local mechanic not to fix and told me to take the truck to authorized Toyota dealer to have it checked. My indicator light does not come on at all. I called the nearest Toyota dealer, 2 hour dive, they told me the problem cannot be related to an accident. Instead, I decided to take it to another mechanic in town who was recommended and is reasonably priced. Your spelling looks good to me.
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