Dodge Grand Caravan trailer tow prep package

jdcarterjdcarter Member Posts: 2
Just took delivery of a 2008 Grand Caravn SXT, with
the trailer tow prep package. Paid the dealer to install
a Dodge/Mopar hitch receiver so it would all be

Tonight my wife comes home from grocery shopping,
and there's some stuff in the cargo well. I take a look
at it. It's the trailer tow wiring harness.

Am I naive? Shouldn't ordering the factory-installed
trailer tow prep package actually include the actual

This isn't just a snap-in accessory. You
have to dismantle the taillights, snake it around,
solder wires, deal with heatshrink tubing, etc.

I'm probably competent to do it, with 25 years of
EE experience, but didn't I just pay someone to
do that?


  • dennisctcdennisctc Member Posts: 1,168
    I have a 2005 DC SXT w/tow package and it didn't come installed. In fact it came with the older 4 pin connector, instead of the circular 7 pin USCar interface. I had an RV dealer install a hidden hitch and the correct mopar harness for me. I think the correct harness (if you don't want to use an adaptor everytime) was $100. Still, the tow package is a great deal compared to other minivans I looked at.
  • cmthovcmthov Member Posts: 5
    Now on our fourth Caravan -- all had towing pkg. Combination makes for a great handling minivan.
  • john478john478 Member Posts: 1
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  • exp2000exp2000 Member Posts: 2
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    Can anybody in this forum help me locate a towing package for 2002 grand caravan es (3.8L). I looked at some trany coolers (B&M), but not sure which one to get. Is there a something that Dodge provides?
  • layaalayaa Member Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me what the trailer tow group actually includes? I see it on my invoice but aside from the harness that I found in my glove compartment, I don't see any evidence of a towing package?

    I have a 2008 dodge grand caravan and the cost was $695 for the trailer tow group.

  • jdcarterjdcarter Member Posts: 2
    My recollection is a larger transmission oil cooler, heavy-duty radiator, load-leveling suspension, and the (not installed) wiring harness.

    The one obvious thing it does NOT include is the hitch receiver. So it is nearly impossible to "look" at the vehicle and tell if it has the extra towing stuff. If the invoice says the stuff is there, it's there. It's all factory-installed. A dealer could probably plug the VIN into the maintenance database and confirm that's what it was manufactured with. Or a mechanic might be able to tell by looking at it.
  • layaalayaa Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. This was very helpful!!
  • faust17faust17 Member Posts: 1
    i know i'm a couple months late but i found you can find EXACTLY what options your car came with at it just takes a few minutes to register on that site, and punch in your vin and it shows you all options and dealer service history. neato.
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