Lincoln Navigator Power Lift Gate

djanesdjanes Member Posts: 2
Has anyone had problems with the lift gate opening on its own? 3rd time it happened to us today, the glass was smashed out and door was damaged on a parking structure after we drove away with closed door.

Power lift gate option appears to be dangerous on the 2008. Anyone else had this fiasco?


  • angelrosarioangelrosario Member Posts: 1
    hello group, i bought a 2004 navigator but now im having problems with the power gate . It will open if i pull the handle but for some reason it whont open on its own, but it closes just fine. Can anyone help me out here.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    That sounds like a dealer visit. Hopefully it's still under warranty (4 yrs/50K miles).
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Definitely a dealer visit, as I think your controller is bad.
  • lyletlylet Member Posts: 27
    Also, it's much better if you use the remote control to open and close the tailgate. I don't know why.
  • 08navigator08navigator Member Posts: 4
    The only time I have seen it open on its own, ok, a couple instances..

    1) It does a lot if you are closing a door while it is going down, it will go back up. I think this is because the air pressure in the truck is pushed out the back and it thinks it hit something, so it tries to return the position. If you just barely tug on it in either direction it will stop and go the other way so it doesn't kill someone or smash things.

    2) It did it to me closing it. It would get to the closed position and just opened right back up. I was closing it with the remote. There was nothing in its way. I don't know why it kept doing it. I tried closing it 3 times with the remote. I finally just grabbed the pull handle and shut it the old fashioned way. It seemed to cure it but I do look before I walk too far to be sure it closed :shades:
  • jay793jay793 Member Posts: 1
    Im having the same problem with my '05. It wont stop flapping open and close when its on or off. The only time it wont do it is when its in gear. This problem is killing me and the paint on the hatch, I just removed the fuse until I find the problem. Does anybody know where to start?
  • djanesdjanes Member Posts: 2
    The dealer fixed the door at my expense, almost $2,000 out of my pocket and the door and paint is all scratched up. It has since happened two more times. It appears to be some sort of sensor or switch problem. The dealer claims there is nothing wrong with it. How can that be? It seems like this is a real defect to me. Avoid getting a Navigator with power lift gate if you can get them that way. For that matter, the power running boards are totally uneeded as well.
  • jhouse2jhouse2 Member Posts: 2
    The dealer just "resets" it every time and tells us there is nothing wrong. Which is true until the next time. There is no rhyme nor reason to it. Unless I'm imagining it, I think there is some kind of master reset that the dealer showed or told me about, but I don't know where it is. One time they told me all they did was disconnect the battery for a minute for a hard reset. Does anyone know anthing for sure?
  • tkd_mommytkd_mommy Member Posts: 3
    I have an 04 navigator that has been doing some odd things and before I take it to the dealership I'd like some input (I have a family member who is an ASE mechanic so it would be nice if he could do the work for me)

    (I only use the remote to open and close..never manually) when I close it with the remote the liftgate will come down and then go back if something is blocking it (there is nothing there) so I have to close it with the remote and when it gets down to the point where it slows to latch I physically have to push it closed to get it to latch..otherwise I would be in an endless loop of it opening and closing. Sometimes when I get in the car and start it up I will have the "Liftgate ajar" I have to turn off the car, get out open the liftgate and then push it closed at the end of the cycle. There is no rhyme or reason to this happening. There are also times where I will go out to the truch and the lights on the mirrors are on as are the interior again, open the liftgate and when it gets to the end push it closed.

    Randomly there are times that the remote won't work. It won't lock or unlock (Both remotes when this happens) won't open the glass or the liftgate. Then I have to start the car and turn it off. Then the remotes will work. Today the remotes would do everything EXCEPT the liftgate.

    Please, for the love of God, help me figure this out. Today my battery died because the lights were on when I went into class and I didn't notice it...needless to say I had to get my battery jumped.

    Oh I should mention that we tried the resetting the car battery by disconnecting it.
  • gradysmomgradysmom Member Posts: 1
    My '04 navigator does the same thing! now it is to the point where even if i push the liftgate button inside the truck.. the liftgate will not open. the handle on the liftgate isn't opening it either... i have to PULL the liftgate hard to open it then manually shut it with force.
  • viperhawkeviperhawke Member Posts: 1
    My 03 Navigator is doing the EXACT same thing, any fixes you guys have found so far? Obviously there were no replies here.
  • 69brian6969brian69 Member Posts: 1
    Bump this thread!

    I have a 2005 Navigator doing the same thing. Anyone know where this reset is? Dealer would not tell. Jerk regularly wants my $75.
  • tkd_mommytkd_mommy Member Posts: 3
    I was told by our mechanic that it's a faulty latch...nothing with the sensors so to speak but the latch and this makes sense because whenever something is in the back and it bumps the area where the latch is I get the warning "Liftgate ajar". We have turned off the power lift gate at this point and so far so good in regards to not getting the warning light everytime I turn around!!
  • tkd_mommytkd_mommy Member Posts: 3
  • myers40myers40 Member Posts: 1
    I wish i had read this forum before i purchase my navigator. I brought one from the auto auction in jersey city, NJ. The running boards or the lift gate do not work, but they promise to fix the problem. It's been a month and no results. I may have a lawyer look into this problem.
  • jhouse2jhouse2 Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    It is still happening. We are now at 6 years. It often just magically fixes itself, but it is being stubborn now.

    I'm doing yet another internet search, and found my old thread. Still nothing around anywhere. I forgot I even posted this.
  • navigator2005navigator2005 Member Posts: 1
    my 2004 navigator drains the battery if you leave a door open for a short period of time or operate the rear lift gate (both with the key off). Any ideas on a fix?
  • pepperazpepperaz Member Posts: 1
    I had the same probelm with my 08 navigator and was able to reset the module and get my lifgate working by pulling both fuses for the liftgate (one in the passenger compartment, one under the hood...the owner manual will give details). Keep them both out for a minute or two, and reinstall. After that, my liftgate worked perfectly.
  • terry645terry645 Member Posts: 16
    My '08 apparently doesn't like cold weather. When the temperature gets around 40 or less
    the lift gate will open completely and then reverse and close...won't stay open.
    If I park it in the sun on a cold day, it will usually operate correctly.
    Anyone experience this...any fixes?
  • baref00tbaref00t Member Posts: 1
    Just had the same thing happen - lift gate struts are going bad.
    Parts on order as follows:

    ebay item:
    StrongArm 6106 L&R (2) Rear Liftgate Gas Lift Supports/ Tailgate, Hatch, Struts

    mrlousstuff is who I bought from

    good luck
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